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How Difficult is It Being a Freelance Designer?

How Difficult is It Being a Freelance Designer

Simple Answer – Its Tough Out There! Many Designer’s attempt to go Freelance and fall at the first hurdle, there are many reasons for this including failure to prepare effectively before going freelance, competition, and of course probably one of the biggest factors of all, other designer’s undercutting your price range & value. (ie: Designers Read More…

10 Ways to Make Money as a Freelance Designer

10 Ways to make money as a freelancer

Its a Hard Knock Life..For us (designers that it) Freelancing as a designer these days is increasingly difficult, there’s a lot of competition around and a lot of freeloaders who want something for nothing, so how the heck can we as designer’s make money in this type of environment? Well the key is to be Read More…