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Learn how to create your own Photoshop actions with this infographic

how to create your own Photoshop actions

Want to save some extra time while editing your photos and projects in Photoshop? You should consider Photoshop actions. Photoshop actions are pre-recorded effects that you can create, download from other people, or buy on various sites across the web, like FilterGrade. You can then reuse these effects and play them on future photos or designs Read More…

The Best Lenses for DSLR Cameras

Best DSLR Photography Lenses

Finding a good DSLR Camera lens can definitely be difficult, there are so many to choose from and so many different brands, it can be hard knowing what to use and where/when to use them. This article will go over the Best Lenses for DSLR Cameras, including everything from Prime Fixed Focal Length lenses to Read More…