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  • double-exposure-effect-tutorial

    Learn to Create a Double Exposure Effect in Adobe Photoshop

    Double Exposure Goodness! Hello everybody and welcome to another tutorial by Today we will be creating the infamous “double exposure” effect, as seen recently on many popular album covers, vinyl sleeves and poster / flyer designs. Its a short tutorial and achievable even if you only have a small amount of Photoshop Knowledge. This …

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  • Polygon Background Tutorial

    Polygon Background Effect Tutorial

    Geometric Shapes Everywhere! In today’s tutorial we are going to learn how to create what is known as a Polygon Background. This effect has become extremely popular recently, and geometric shapes are popping up all over the place! This tutorial will teach you my personal method on how to create a Polygon Background in Cinema …

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  • Corrective Helmets Into Art

    Talented Artist Turns Corrective Helmets for Babies Into Stunning Artwork

    A talented female artist has devoted her skillset to turning the corrective helmets mostly used to correct Plagiocephaly, aka: Asymmetry or unevenness in the shape of a baby’s skull into creative masterpieces. The artist’s creations turn the plain and boring medical device into cool little helmets worth showing off! Her work is done using strictly …

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  • Free Polygon Backgrounds

    5 Premium FREE Polygon Backgrounds

    Time for Freebies Baby! With the current rise of low poly design in 3D Modelling and Digital Art, we thought we would provide the community with a set of FREE Polygon Backgrounds to use in your own personal and commercial (a mention would be cool though) projects. These backgrounds come in a resolution of …

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  • Orlando Arocena Interview

    Orlando Arocena speaks with Layerform recently had chance to catch up with Orlando Arocena, a young Mexican-Cuban-American Artist who’s illustrations and digital artwork have taken Behance by Storm. So without further delay, lets get to know this talented artist a little bit more! On with the interview! 1How did you get started with illustration? Illustration has always attracted my …

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  • How Difficult is It Being a Freelance Designer

    How Difficult is It Being a Freelance Designer?

    Simple Answer – Its Tough Out There! Many Designer’s attempt to go Freelance and fall at the first hurdle, there are many reasons for this including failure to prepare effectively before going freelance, competition, and of course probably one of the biggest factors of all, other designer’s undercutting your price range & value. (ie: Designers …

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  • How to Make Money on Zazzle

    Designers – How to Make Money on Zazzle

    Is it Hard to Make Money on Zazzle? This is a tough question, as there are thousands of people online making their full time income from Zazzle by selling their own personalized merchandise. However, on the flipside, there are also thousands of designers struggling to make their first proper sale on Zazzle, even though they …

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  • Best DSLR Photography Lenses

    The Best Lenses for DSLR Cameras

    Finding a good DSLR Camera lens can definitely be difficult, there are so many to choose from and so many different brands, it can be hard knowing what to use and where/when to use them. This article will go over the Best Lenses for DSLR Cameras, including everything from Prime Fixed Focal Length lenses to …

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  • 10 Vintage and Boutique Cameras

    10 Vintage & Boutique Cameras for Designers

    Like to get Snap Happy? Boutique stores and vintage design is coming back into fashion quickly, from clothing to electronics, many facets of our everyday life are being rebranded with vintage designs, and especially Cameras! This article will display a few of the best Boutique and Vintage Cameras on the market today. Whether you’re a …

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  • Adobe Illustrator Ribbon Tutorial

    Create a Ribbon in Adobe Illustrator

    Tutorial Time Baby! In today’s tutorial we will go over how to illustrate a vector ribbon from scratch using Adobe Illustrator. Despite the simplicity of the final piece, we will cover advanced techniques using the pathfinder, how to manipulate the artboard in illustrator and also how to pick a complementary color palette. So without further …

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