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  • 323 Handsketched Vector Elements Bundle

    323 Handsketched Vector Elements Bundle

    Holy Moly! Thats alot of Design Resources! This may well be the biggest Bundle we have ever released on, a collection of 323 Handsketched Vector Elements combined from 6 Vector Packs. This is a huge amount of design resources for your money (only $30!), and well worth checking out. This pack combines 6 packs …

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  • 54 Handsketched Vector Arrows

    54 Handsketched Vector Arrows

    Handsketched Vector Arrows for all! We have been busy here at creating all kinds of different products, and with a big redesign underway, we are continuining to release our design products and bundles right up until we change the design forever! (scary right?). Today we have a treat for you, a set of 54 …

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  • 115 Handsketched Vector Elements

    115 Handsketched Decorative Vectors Kit

    Handdrawn Vectors for all! Things have been a bit quiet on Layerform recently, we have been working on a range of products for designers, leading towards (eventually) a huge bundle of resources which will be available for download, including textures, brushes, mockups, logo’s and much more. For the time being we are proud to present …

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