• Callie-Hegstrom-Interview

    Callie Hegstrom of MakeMediaCo speaks with Layerform

    Finally, we caught up with Callie Hegstrom! Yes! Today’s interview features one of the most popular designers on Creativemarket, in the form of Callie Hegstrom of MakeMediaCo. We managed to grab her for 10 mins and ask a few questions, including the oh so important question of her thoughts on Comic Sans! 😉 So without …

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  • Sam-Parrett-Interview

    Typographer Sam Parrett Speaks with Layerform

    Type Lovers Rejoice! Mr Parrett is Here.. Here at Layerform we love to recognise fresh talent, and British Artist Sam Parrett has really burst onto the scene this last year showcasing some of the very best Script & Brush Fonts of 2015 & 2016 already. We managed to catch up with Sam recently and pick …

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  • stephen-bradbury-interview4

    Layerform Speaks with Designer Stephen Bradbury

    Type….Type everywhere! Layerform.com recently had chance to catch up with Stephen Bradbury, a 19 year old Designer and Hand Letterer who you should be following right now. This interview gives us an insight into his life and how he became obsessed with Type! 1How did you get started with Typography? I think my love for …

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  • Graffiti 4 Hire Interview

    Graffiti4hire speak with Layerform Design Magazine

    Graffiti time baby! Layerform.com recently had chance to catch up with Graffiti4hire, a British Born company devoted to providing their clients with the highest quality Graffiti Artwork, whether its a feature wall in the bedroom of a young boy, or whether its a full scale commission for the likes of Facebook, Google, Sony and many …

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  • Illustrator Kei Meguro Interview

    Illustrator Kei Meguro speaks with Layerform

    1How did you get started with illustration? Drawing has been a passion since I can even remember- my parents always encouraged me to appreciate the arts so it came to me naturally. Doodling was the one of the things I knew I could never get sick of, it even got me through art school haha. …

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  • Jonathan Ball Illustrator Interview

    Layerform speaks with Illustrator Jonathan Ball

    Its interview time baby! Layerform.com recently had chance to catch up with Welsh Illustrator Jonathan Ball about his style of work and motivation for what he does on a daily basis, aswell as any advice he can give to aspiring artists out there in the industry! 1How did you get started with illustration? I was …

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  • Orlando Arocena Interview

    Orlando Arocena speaks with Layerform

    Layerform.com recently had chance to catch up with Orlando Arocena, a young Mexican-Cuban-American Artist who’s illustrations and digital artwork have taken Behance by Storm. So without further delay, lets get to know this talented artist a little bit more! On with the interview! 1How did you get started with illustration? Illustration has always attracted my …

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  • Carl Reed Layerform Interview

    Carl Reed speaks with Layerform Design Magazine

    An interview with Mr Carl Reed himself! How did you get started with Illustration? It sounds pretty cliché but my first interest in art was at a young age, not that I knew it at the time. I used to sit around scribbling out terrible drawings of characters from star wars and teenage mutant ninja …

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  • Anastasiia Kucherenko Talks with Layerform

    Anastasiia Kucherenko speaks With Layerform

    Anastasiia Kucherenko in the House! Layerform.com recently had chance to spend a few minutes talking with Illustrator Anastasiia Kucherenko. Anastasiia is a self taught Illustrator from the Ukraine and has been published on Envato’s network for her work. She is a creative person through and through, and her style of Illustration is extremely diverse for …

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  • Emma Grzonkowski Interview

    Emma Grzonkowski speaks with Layerform

    Layerform.com recently took the opportunity to interview up and coming British artist Emma Grzonkowski. 1) How did you first get into Art and at what point did you decide to make a career from it? I have always been ‘into’ art, creatvity is flowing through my veins and i have painted from the moment that …

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