Emma Grzonkowski speaks with Layerform

Layerform.com recently took the opportunity to interview up and coming British artist Emma Grzonkowski.

1) How did you first get into Art and at what point did you decide to make a career from it?

I have always been ‘into’ art, creatvity is flowing through my veins and i have painted from the moment that could physically hold a brush, therefore art wasnt a choice for me in that sense, it has always been apart of who i am. In terms of choosing to make a career from my art, that moment i can remember very clearly. I had just finished my art degree at Chester University, and i took my mum and dad to see my final pieces of artwork. It was at this point that i realised that i wanted to create paintings for the rest of my life. It was quite an overwhelming moment, but it felt so right.

2) Where do you get your inspiration from?


My inspiration really stems back to my second year at university, when i tragically lost my boyfriend in a car crash. My whole world was torn apart and I was completely lost and in searching for reasons answers and solace, I turned to the only thing which I felt could not be taken way from me, my painting. The inspiration and desire to paint from the soul evolved from this point and i found myself painting in an expressive and often frantic manner as a form of release.

I started to take pictures of myself at real emotional moments to capture raw emotion and then used these images as a starting point for my paintings. Therefore it was at this point that my ‘self image’ became a prominant theme n my work and It was a truly cathartic process, where ultimately i was exposing my soul on the canvas.

I continued to use myself as the subject of my work untill this current day, however i now feel ready to explore other themes aswell such as my ‘seven deadly sins series’ and i have also been inspired by film genre, and inparticular the film Sin city. Where i have focused on the femme fatales. I now feel the urge to explore emotion through other peoples eyes, whether its fictional or ‘real’

3) How did you develop your unique style?

My style has really evolved on its own over a number of years. I had to learn how to fully let myself go as an artist, and im stll learning to do that today. I think it comes with confidence and willingness to experiment.


4) If possible can you tell us about your creative process? We know you like to get messy!

Ok, so Firstly i will have an image which i will firstly pencil on the canvas. (thats the boring bit) Then i will gradually build up the painting in layers of colour and i will work in all methods….upright….on the floor, using alot of water, using a dry brush, pouring, dripping, etc…once i feel the base of the image is complete then i start to encoporate the background, and this is the most exciting bit for me, as i can start to create another world for the figure to be in.


5) Whats the strangest thing that has happened whilst painting?

The strangest thing has got to be going back to my summer house and finding silver animal foot prints all over my finished canvas, i think it was a squirrel. It was frustrating and funny in equal measure!. Another strange and ‘shocking’ experience was when i accidentally plugged a socket into the wall which didnt have the back on it and i got an electric shock which through me across the floor. In panic after looking in the mirror and seeing my lips were blue i ran to my neighbours completely coverd head to paint, when she opened the front door i shouted ‘ive been electricuted’ I looked like a maniac!


6) What advice can you give to other aspiring artists?

I would say to believe in yourself, and dont let anyone elses opinions shatter your dreams. If you’re passionate and determined you will succeed. Thats the foundation you need to create your future. You also need to be prepared to work extremely hard and to live and breathe it.


7) Who is your favourite artist?

My favourite arist has got to be francis Bacon, Hes an artist i studied at University and i think his works are magnificent.

8) How do you relax after a hard day of painting?

I either go for a run or a swim or if is late just put some music on and put my feet up! 🙂

9) Do you have a favourite piece of work, if so, why?

I think my favourite piece of work would have to be one from my degree course because they have a true emotional significance.

Aand thats a wrap folks! Thank you Emma for taking the time to speak with us here at Layerform

Emma’s portfolio can be located at http://www.emmagrz.co.uk/ so feel free to check it out, she is one of the most promising talents in the UK and we are glad to have her showcased on Layerform

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