Creative Notebooks For Designers

Creative Sketchbooks for Artsy-Folk!

Layerform presents a collection of notebooks specifically for designers and creative people. If you have ever wished you could buy something more artistic for your sketches / note taking, then these are the creative pieces for you! Check out our list of creative notebooks for designers:

They are all available for purchase, so simply click on the images below to buy them! Get your creative juices flowing with these cool sketchpads.

A5 rika flexi linen notebook

creative notebooks for designers

A6+ eye print flexi linen notebook

A6 Eye Print Notebook

Woodland A5 Wiro Notebook

A5 Wiro Notebook

A6 Felt Woodland 2014 Diary


Pretty Owl Felt Notebook/Sketchpad

Owl Felt Notebook

Robots A4 Notebook

Robots A4 Designer Notebook

Pack up your troubles Notebook

Designer Notebook

Bird Flower Bamboo Notebook


Peacock A5 Felt Notebook

A5 Felt Notebook

Neon Yellow Leather Journal

Neon Leather Journal

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