Layerform was established in 2013 by Designer Eddy Biel. The Blog focuses on Design related content such as Freelancing & How to Make money as a Graphic Designer. We also have Hundreds of items in our online shop

Est. 2013

Behind Layerform.com

Layerform began as a Graphic Design News Blog, featuring artist interviews (Such as this one with Emma Grzonkowski), Tutorials, Freebies, and various Product Reviews & Gear Guides.

We have evolved since then to have amassed almost 5,000 Followers on Creativemarket. We have in our online store over 100+ Creative Digital Products which we sell on a number of platforms including Envato Elements, Hungry JPG, Cubebrush to name a few.

Our goal moving into 2021 is really to build out both of these sides of the business, with more writers we will have more regular graphic design content & products to look forward to.

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Freedom from the 9-5 Grind.

Another one of our goals is to release digital guides & tutorials on how to use your creative craft, whether it be Typography, Watercolour Painting, or Physical SArts & Crafts to earn a full-time income from Graphic Design.

We believe that all Designers should have creative freedom and not be limited by the confines of a 9-5 Studio, where your creative freedom is being sucked out of you day by day (a little bit melancholy? apologies!)

Stay tuned here for more creative content, teaching you how to succeed online as a graphic designer / digital artist in 2021 and beyond.

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