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  • 10 Vintage Logos & Textures

    10 Vintage Logos and Textures Bundle

    Time for some Designer Goodies! Its been rather quiet here at Layerform recently, with our team mostly working on new products for our fans, this time in the form of a set of 10 Vintage Logos and Textures Bundle, crafted meticulously over the last week for our plethora of fans. Each pack has a “city” …

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  • 5 Qualities of an Effective Brandname

    5 Qualities of an Effective Brand Name

    What are the qualities of an effective brand name? Successfully naming your brand is a vital part of strategic brand development. Some people think that naming a brand is as easy as naming a baby but, that is merely a myth. Naming a brand can be a difficult, rigorous and often expensive process. Companies can …

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