How to Stay Creative – 40 Ways, Tips & Tricks

ContentsHow the heck do I stay Creative?Create an Inspiration BoardGet out moreSketch moreExperiment!Socialize!Keep up with TrendsLearn a new skill!Read BooksUse Sticky NotesBreak your Routine!Be around creative people!Spy on […]


Top 10 AI Headshot Generators – The Secret To LinkedIn Success

ContentsWhy use an AI Headshot Generator for LinkedIn?Why an AI Headshot is Important for LinkedInTop 10 AI Headshot Generators:Headshot Pro ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐How Does Headshot Pro Work?Key Features and BenefitsHeadshot […]


How to Make Money with Midjourney Generative AI

ContentsUnlocking the Money Making Potential of Midjourney AI ArtIntroduction to Monetizing AI Art10 Ways to Make Money with Midjourney Generative AI Art1. Sell Art on Stock Sites2. Print […]


Best Stretches for Designers & Desk Workers (UPDATED)

ContentsWant to become a supple leopard? Read this..Dead BugPlankingSingle-leg BridgesT Push-UpsGlute BridgeLeg SwingsSeated Spinal TwistChest OpenerTable Pigeon PauseWall SitConclusion Want to become a supple leopard? Read this.. Web […]

The Best Free Fonts Designers Should Know About

The Best Free Fonts Designers Should Know About

Simply The Best Free Fonts for Designers! Its tough to find a solid font these days, just when you stumble across the perfect one, with every combination of […]

Handsketched Hipster Vector Elements

Handsketched Hipster Vectors Pack

Hipster Style with the Layerform Hipster Vector Pack! The team have been busy slaving away in the digital kitchen to provide you with another quality product, this […]

115 Handsketched Vector Elements

115 Handsketched Decorative Vectors Kit

Handdrawn Vectors for all! Things have been a bit quiet on Layerform recently, we have been working on a range of products for designers, leading towards (eventually) a […]


Top Graphic Design Resources for May

Graphic Design Roundup for May Its that time of the month where we take a look at some of the very best graphic design resources on the web […]

Corrective Helmets Into Art

Talented Artist Turns Corrective Helmets for Babies Into Stunning Artwork

A talented female artist has devoted her skillset to turning the corrective helmets mostly used to correct Plagiocephaly, aka: Asymmetry or unevenness in the shape of a baby’s […]

Photorealistic Portraits

10 Photorealistic Portraits That Will Amaze You

Is that Real or Not?! Photorealism is an art form that is incredibly difficult to pull off effectively. It relies on precise execution of lighting, reflections, texture & […]