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  • The Best Free Fonts Designers Should Know About

    The Best Free Fonts Designers Should Know About

    Simply The Best Free Fonts for Designers! Its tough to find a solid font these days, just when you stumble across the perfect one, with every combination of glyphs possible, you find out its priced heavily. Now, I have no problem with designers pricing their fonts accordingly, but some of the best things in life …

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  • Handsketched Hipster Vector Elements

    Handsketched Hipster Vectors Pack

    Hipster Style with the Layerform Hipster Vector Pack! The team have been busy slaving away in the digital kitchen to provide you with another quality product, this time in the form of 30 Handsketched Hipster Vector Elements. These Hipster Vectors have been handmade and turned into fully scalable vector artwork to use on any …

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  • 115 Handsketched Vector Elements

    115 Handsketched Decorative Vectors Kit

    Handdrawn Vectors for all! Things have been a bit quiet on Layerform recently, we have been working on a range of products for designers, leading towards (eventually) a huge bundle of resources which will be available for download, including textures, brushes, mockups, logo’s and much more. For the time being we are proud to present …

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  • 40 Ways to Stay Creative

    40 Ways to Stay Creative – Infographic

    Where’s my creativity gone? It happens to the best of designers, all is going well until you reach that plateau, or that mental block where you cease to produce any creativity and think all is lost. Sometimes all It takes is a simple bit of inspiration and motivation to bring back the innovative ideas you …

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  • Top-Graphic-Design-Resources-For-May

    Top Graphic Design Resources for May

    Graphic Design Roundup for May Its that time of the month where we take a look at some of the very best graphic design resources on the web for this month, and whilst we are only 11 days in, we’ll also throw in some of the best design resources from April also. It has been …

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  • Corrective Helmets Into Art

    Talented Artist Turns Corrective Helmets for Babies Into Stunning Artwork

    A talented female artist has devoted her skillset to turning the corrective helmets mostly used to correct Plagiocephaly, aka: Asymmetry or unevenness in the shape of a baby’s skull into creative masterpieces. The artist’s creations turn the plain and boring medical device into cool little helmets worth showing off! Her work is done using strictly …

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  • Daily Creativity 1 - Beautiful Typography

    Daily Creativity #1 Beautiful Typography

    Daily Creativity by Layerform Welcome to a new feature we are doing here over at! On a daily basis we will be posting Creative & Inspirational articles displaying some of the best artistic talent from across the world in a multitude of different design areas, including Graphic Design, Photography, Traditional Art and much more! …

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  • Photorealistic Portraits

    10 Photorealistic Portraits That Will Amaze You

    Is that Real or Not?! Photorealism is an artform that is incredibly difficult to pull off effectively. It relies on precise execution of lighting, reflections, texture & accurate shadowing. In this article we will showcase a few sublime artists that have produced Photorealistic Art so realistic that its difficult to even tell whether its a …

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  • 10 Vintage and Boutique Cameras

    10 Vintage & Boutique Cameras for Designers

    Like to get Snap Happy? Boutique stores and vintage design is coming back into fashion quickly, from clothing to electronics, many facets of our everyday life are being rebranded with vintage designs, and especially Cameras! This article will display a few of the best Boutique and Vintage Cameras on the market today. Whether you’re a …

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