Talented Artist Turns Corrective Helmets for Babies Into Stunning Artwork

A talented female artist has devoted her skillset to turning the corrective helmets mostly used to correct Plagiocephaly, aka: Asymmetry or unevenness in the shape of a baby’s skull into creative masterpieces. The artist’s creations turn the plain and boring medical device into cool little helmets worth showing off! Her work is done using strictly non-toxic water based paints and Paula also uses a technique which prevents cracking/peeling of the paint.

Quoted from her website, Paula states that these helmets are an “attitude changer”, which refers to how the condition (with the use of the helmet) can potentially be stigmatized due to their original appearance, which is why she has created a vast array of helmet paintings to add to her portfolio and make these babies extremely fashionable! So without further delay, lets check out some of the Corrective Helmets for Babies she has made and displayed in her portfolio:

Boys Corrective Helmet Designs!

corrective helmets
Paula’s Helmet designs are funny and detailed at the same time.
corrective helmets2
A spot of aviation perhaps?

Girls Corrective Helmet Designs!

Paula does both girls and boys helmets and this one is a peach! In pretty pink for a little girl, a significant improvement over the bland, boring and lifeless helmets that come as standard to treat Plagiocephaly.

corrective helmets3
A little princess in her corrective helmet by Paula Strawn!
corrective helmets4
Hello Kitty!

Beach Designs

corrective helmets 5
Surfs up dude!

Finally, did someone say Forest Gump?

corrective helmets6

Not stopping at just Corrective Medical Grade Helmets, Paula has also progressed onto decorating leg braces. Clearly her creativity has no limits and the same could be said for her heart, as these conditions at such a young age can be tough to deal with from a physical standpoint to people who are unaware of the conditions themselves.

Paula’s solution is to throw color and creativity into the mix to create beautiful works of art that can be stared at for the right reasons 🙂 From the team here at Layerform.com, please do check out Paula Strawn’s plethora of designs HERE: http://lazardo.smugmug.com/.

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