100 Geometric Polygon Backgrounds

Time for Polygons Baby!

There’s a reason why things may have been a bit quiet here at Layerform.com recently, and this is because we have been working on our newest set of 100 Geometric Polygon Backgrounds for our loyal followers to use in their graphic design projects and artwork. There are 100 .TIFF’s in total which will last you a hell of a long time, and will surely be a great resource for you now aswell as in the future.

This pack was made using Cinema 4D, and meticulously Handcrafted to provide a more detailed and “deep” Polygon effect rather than simply using an online Polygon Creator to whip up some poorly crafted imagery. They are high resolution .TIFF files at 3000×2000 and come in a huge array of color choices, from every corner of the color spectrum, there are bound to be some that you just love! Overall this pack has taken 12-24 hours to produce over the course of a few weeks of painstaking rendering and post-production. We hope you enjoy them! Click on any of the images below to purchase the pack or alternatively click the link below:

100 Geometric Polygon Backgrounds

Polygon Backgrounds 1V1

Polygon Backgrounds 3

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