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  • how-to-make-money-on-shutterstock

    How to Make Money on Shutterstock [2020]

    Shutterstock for newbies! If you’re a talented photographer with impeccable photo & video editing skills, you should know that various online platforms offer you a great opportunity to earn passive income from your work. A nice place for you to be is Shutterstock; it is one of the biggest marketplaces where you can sell your …

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  • how-to-sell-stock-photos-and-make-money

    How to Sell Stock Photos and Make Money [2020]

    It aint’ easy though (read on!) Whether you are a professional photographer trying to find a new revenue stream or a hobbyist wondering how to make money from the thousands of unused images lurking in your various hard drives, you might be glad to know that there’s one opportunity that many people have generally overlooked. …

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  • best-sites-to-sell-photos

    What are the Best Sites to Sell Photos? [2020]

    What are the Best Stock Photo Sites? Whether you’re new to selling stock photography & creative digital assets, or you’re a seasoned veteran, it’s always good to know what stock photography sites are the best to sell on. Stock Photography isn’t dying any time soon, which is why Adobe Stock not too long back got …

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  • double-exposure-effect-tutorial

    Learn to Create a Double Exposure Effect in Adobe Photoshop

    Double Exposure Goodness! Hello everybody and welcome to another tutorial by Today we will be creating the infamous “double exposure” effect, as seen recently on many popular album covers, vinyl sleeves and poster / flyer designs. Its a short tutorial and achievable even if you only have a small amount of Photoshop Knowledge. This …

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  • how to create your own Photoshop actions

    Learn how to create your own Photoshop actions with this infographic

    Want to save some extra time while editing your photos and projects in Photoshop? You should consider Photoshop actions. Photoshop actions are pre-recorded effects that you can create, download from other people, or buy on various sites across the web, like FilterGrade. You can then reuse these effects and play them on future photos or designs …

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  • best-lenses-for-dslr-cameras

    The Best Lenses for DSLR Cameras [UPDATED 2020]

    The Best Lenses Reviewed [UPDATED 2020] Getting your first DSLR can be an exciting time in your budding photography career. However, if you are considering taking things to the next level, you might need to think about acquiring a new DSLR lens. Although most of the cameras come with a kit lens, these are generally …

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  • Best DSLRS For Beginners

    The Best DSLR’s For Beginners

    So what is the best entry level DSLR Camera? The DSLR market is saturated with different models at the moment, and with technology advancing at a fast pace, the entry level DSLR’s available today have so many features that it can be hard to choose. This article will go over the best Entry Level DSLR’s …

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  • Free Fashion Stock Photography

    8 Free Premium Fashion Stock Photos presents 8 Free Premium Fashion Stock Photos for your disposal. Use these Stock Photos in your Digital Art or Illustration Projects. Enjoy! Sign up below to instantly download this freebie! Please click HERE for your download

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