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The Best Midjourney Free Alternative for AI Image Generation

Midjourney has taken the world by storm as a leading AI art generator. But its limited free tier and paid subscription model leaves some users seeking alternatives. The good news is there are free generative AI tools that can serve as substitutes to Midjourney.

In this guide, we’ll compare the top midjourney free alternatives for creating AI generated images without the costs or limits.

Introduction to Midjourney

First, a quick primer on Midjourney for context. It’s a neural net AI system that generates original images from text prompts. The AI synthesizes photorealistic or artistic imagery matching the description.

Midjourney requires an invite code to join currently. The free tier is limited to 25 generations per month. Paid tiers unlock more monthly generations and features.

While innovative, the lack of a completely free option has opened the door to alternatives. Let’s look at the top contenders.

The Best Free Midjourney Alternatives Online:

DreamStudio AIFreeWebsite
NightCafe CreatorFree (5 images/day)Website
Google ImagenLimited free tierWebsite
Deep Dream GeneratorFree for non-commercial useWebsite
ArtbreederFree basic accountWebsite

Here are key criteria to consider when evaluating free substitutes to Midjourney:

  • Cost – Completely free to use with no limits
  • Prompt-Based – Generates images from text like Midjourney
  • Image Quality – Produces detailed, convincing imagery
  • Accessibility – Easy to sign up and use
  • Image Styles – Photorealistic and/or artistic options
  • Customizability – Controls like size, iterations, etc

Based on these factors, here are the most promising free Midjourney alternatives available today:

DreamStudio AI – Leading Open Source AI Generator

DreamStudio AI has quickly emerged as a leading free AI image generation platform. Developed by Stability AI based on open source research, it’s completely free to use.

DreamStudio AI generates images from text prompts using a neural net trained on millions of photos and artworks. It rivals Midjourney’s quality and capabilities while remaining free.

There are also tons of tweaks and extensions contributed by the open source community to keep enhancing it. Overall, DreamStudio AI sets a new standard for free AI image generation.

NightCafe Creator – Free Online Generative AI

NightCafe Creator is another free web-based AI art generator. Its text-to-image capabilities come surprisingly close to Midjourney’s quality.

Developed by NightCafe Studio, it lets you generate and download 5 free images per day without needing an account. Paid tiers offer more generation capacity.

The ease of use through its clean web interface makes NightCafe Creator accessible to anyone. It’s a great free alternative to start experimenting with AI image generation.

Google Imagen – Limited Free Tier

Google’s new Imagen AI has strong potential as a free Midjourney alternative, albeit with limits. It can generate striking high-res images from text prompts thanks to Google’s engineering might.

However, Imagen is currently restricted to limited research preview demos, not full public access. Google may offer a free tier when launching a commercial product. For now, it remains limited.

Deep Dream Generator – Free For Non-Commercial Use

The aptly named Deep Dream Generator focuses on creating trippy, psychedelic AI artworks. It offers free generation for non-commercial use.

You can customise parameters like layering effects, symmetry and palette to get some very creative. It’s a more niche style, but Deep Dream Generator is freely available. The catch is you can’t use the output commercially.

Artbreeder – Mix Images With Free Account

Artbreeder has a different spin, enabling mixing and manipulating existing imagery via AI. Basic accounts are free, while a Pro account unlocks unlimited high-res exports.

The ability to iteratively refine images by combining elements or applying new styles makes Artbreeder stand out. If you like steering results, it’s worth exploring as a free option.

Pros and Cons Compared to Midjourney

To summarize, here are some key pros and cons of these alternatives relative to Midjourney:


  • Completely free and unlimited use
  • No waiting or access limits
  • Open source platforms allow customization


  • Image quality can be less consistent
  • Fewer style and control options
  • Limited cloud rendering capacity

The trade-off for unmatched free usage is often less sophistication and polish compared to Midjourney’s fine-tuned results. But for the price, these free tools can’t be beat.

Can A Latecomer Unseat Midjourney?

Midjourney’s early lead and polish makes it tough to disrupt. But here are some scenarios that could shake up the space:

  • Google scales Imagen into a free consumer product
  • Facebook leverages its AI research into a free offering
  • A well-funded startup launches a free alternative sustaining on revenue growth rather than fees

For any company challenging Midjourney, the key differentiator would be a completely free tier rather than limited trials. Time will tell if an upstart can capture the demand for free image generation.

Using Free AI Tools to Augment Midjourney

Rather than viewing free alternatives only as substitutions, they can perfectly complement platforms like Midjourney. Here are some examples of augmenting Midjourney with other AI generation tools:

  • Generate a batch of quick draft images in DreamStudio AI to find ideal prompts faster
  • Use Deep Dream Generator to add trippy styles and textures to Midjourney outputs
  • Upscale Midjourney images 4X with Topaz Gigapixel AI for printing
  • Mix and refine Midjourney outputs in Artbreeder for new variations

The power of open AI ecosystems is the ability to flow between diverse tools for the best results. Mix, match and enhance!

Evaluating AI Image Costs and Value

Beyond pure cost, it’s important to evaluate the value derived from AI generation tools based on your goals:

  • For hobbyists, free options provide tremendous entertainment value
  • For artists and professionals, paid tools can pay for themselves by enhancing productivity
  • For startups and students, free tools enable innovation on a budget

Like with cloud software and computing, pay-as-you-go models benefit some use cases while all-free alternatives make sense for others. Carefully consider the best approach for your needs.

The Future of Free Generative AI

Thanks to healthy competition and open source development, the future remains bright for free and low-cost image generation. We can expect steady improvements in quality, capabilities and access.

For the democratization of cutting-edge generative AI, balancing paid innovation with freely available baselines is key. Striking this balance will enable creators from all backgrounds to shape culture using these emerging technologies.


Midjourney has sparked immense excitement for AI content creation, but cost-free alternatives continue to evolve rapidly. Solutions like DreamStudio AI, NightCafe Creator and Artbreeder let anyone start exploring text-to-image generation at zero cost.

While Midjourney boasts advantages in quality, UI and community, free options meet the needs of casual hobbyists, students and professionals seeking economic solutions.

Moving forward, healthy competition between paid platforms and free alternatives will only improve generative AI’s scope, quality and adoption. Unleash your creativity with both camps to stay at the cutting edge!

Midjourney Alternatives: Frequently Asked Questions

Are any image generation AIs 100% free?

Yes, DreamStudio AI and NightCafe Creator are completely free with no limits imposed. Other options have free tiers but charge for advanced features.

How do free sites pay for the AI compute costs?

A mix of open source code, volunteer resources, sponsorships and limited paid tiers allow sustaining free services. Most cannot match the scale of paid platforms yet.

What are the best free mobile apps for AI art?

Dream by WOMBO and NightCafe are leading free mobile AI art apps. Paid subscriptions unlock more features but free tiers are very capable.

Can the AI recreate specific photos or art?

Most alternatives focus on original generations, not deriving existing works. But prompts can guide the AI style toward a desired visual theme.

How fast are the free platforms compared to Midjourney?

Generation speeds vary across tools and demand levels. Midjourney prioritizes speed for paid users. Free sites queue jobs on shared resources so waits can be longer.

Are there any good free 3D image generators?

Most free options currently focus on 2D images. But some like Anthropic’s DALL-E Mini generate pseudo-3D art by prompting multi-angle views of objects.

What computer specs do I need to run the AI locally?

Locally running open source models requires high-end GPUs. Over 16GB RAM helps too. Web-based services are accessible on any device since generation happens in the cloud.

Can I use AI generated images commercially?

Each platform has its own content licenses. Most allow personal, educational and commercial use. Some restrict commercial use or have attribution requirements. Check terms closely.

Are there any risks or pitfalls to free AI image generators?

Since quality varies, results may be inconsistent. And while rare, some systems have flaws preventing malicious content. Always manually review outputs before use.