10 Photorealistic Portraits That Will Amaze You

Is that Real or Not?!

Photorealism is an art form that is incredibly difficult to pull off effectively. It relies on precise execution of lighting, reflections, texture & accurate shadowing. In this article we will showcase a few sublime artists that have produced Photorealistic Art so realistic that its difficult to even tell whether its a Photograph or not.

The artists below have perfected their craft to the point of sometimes being undistinguishable to the human eye, some of the images you are about to see are so difficult to tell apart as a photo or painting. These days, with the advent of stable diffusion generative ai, it’s easy to take these type of paintings for granted, but there is still room to appreciate these amazing, non-ai artists.

In this article we have a small collection of some of the most amazing photorealistic portraits you are ever likely to see.

+Dirk Dzimirsky

Dirk is an amazing artist that focuses on the emotive aspects of the human condition, and has portrayed this vision into a series of extremely photorealistic Portraits, quoted from Dirk’s website, he gives a brief description of his work:

I want to capture and describe a persons presence and specific inner self. Similar to what a detailed writer might employ in their analysis of an individual, I portray not only the physical attributes, but more importantly the subjects inner presence of life.


photorealistic portraits

photorealistic portraits

photorealistic portraits

photorealistic portraits

+Melusaaste on DeviantART.

This artist uses digital media to create portraits that you really need to take a second glance at to truly realise whether they are real or not. With each painting taking on hundreds if not thousands of layers, this amazing female artist from Finland has created some phenomenal pieces of photorealistic artwork to be admired. This is an amazing artist who produces spectacular photorealistic portraits.

photorealistic portraits

photorealistic portraits

+Vannenov on DeviantART.

Yet another talent from DeviantART. This male artist once again uses digital to create some of the most beautiful, soft looking photorealistic portraits you have ever seen. The colours are vivid and striking and really capture your attention.




FAQ on Artists Specializing in Photorealism

What is photorealism?

Photorealism is an art movement that emerged in the late 1960s and early 1970s in which artists attempt to reproduce photographs as realistically as possible in another medium, typically painting. These artworks are so detailed and precise that they can be easily mistaken for the original photographs.

Who are some notable photorealist artists?

Some of the pioneers and notable artists in the photorealism movement include:

  • Chuck Close
  • Richard Estes
  • Robert Bechtle
  • Audrey Flack
  • Ralph Goings

What techniques do photorealists use?

Photorealists often use techniques like gridding to break down an image into smaller sections, enabling meticulous detail work. They also employ airbrushing and layering to achieve the desired level of realism.

How is photorealistic art different from traditional realistic art?

While both styles aim to represent subjects accurately, photorealism is specifically influenced by photography. Photorealistic artists often include photographic artifacts like lens flares, depth of field effects, and other characteristics typically associated with photographs.

How has technology impacted photorealism?

Advances in technology, particularly digital photography and image processing software, have provided artists with more tools to refine their works and achieve even greater levels of detail.

What is generative AI artwork, and how does it relate to photorealism?

Generative AI artwork refers to art created with the assistance of artificial intelligence. Modern AI models can generate images that are eerily realistic, resembling the output of photorealist artists. Some AI models are trained specifically to produce photorealistic images from abstract inputs.

Can AI replicate the work of photorealist artists?

While AI can produce images that are incredibly detailed and lifelike, the human touch, intuition, and intention behind a photorealist’s work are unique. AI can mimic the style but lacks the emotive and conceptual depth that human artists bring to their work.

Are there any notable AI-generated photorealistic artworks?

Yes, with the rise of AI models like DALL-E from OpenAI and BigGAN from DeepMind, there have been instances of AI-generated images that can be indistinguishable from photographs. However, it’s essential to note that while these images are technically impressive, they often lack the narrative or emotional depth of artworks created by human artists.

 How do artists feel about AI-generated photorealistic art?

Opinions vary. Some artists embrace the technology, seeing it as a new tool in their arsenal. Others express concern that AI could diminish the value of human-made art or fear that AI-generated art lacks soul and authenticity.

1What’s the future of photorealism in the age of AI?

Photorealism, as an art movement, has always been about more than just replicating reality—it’s about the artist’s perspective on reality. While AI can mimic the technique, the human perspective remains irreplaceable. As AI continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how photorealistic artists incorporate or react to these technological advancements.

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