Designers – How to Make Money on Zazzle

Making Money on Zazzle

This is a tough question, as there are thousands of people online making their full time income from Zazzle by selling their own personalised merchandise. However, on the flipside, there are also thousands of designers struggling to make their first proper sale on Zazzle, even though they have quality products and designs; so why is this? Well there is plenty of competition on sites such as Zazzle, Cafepress, Etsy etc, and they keep growing bigger and bigger everyday, with thousands of designs every hour being added to Zazzle.

Alot of people are now opting to use ai image software such as midjourney to enlarge their images and successfully sell on Zazzle.

The Key to making money on Zazzle is to change your strategy. You cannot simply upload your products and hope for the best, you must constantly promote your designs, and market your store on forums, websites and even Internet Marketing. This article will evaluate some key things that are vital if you are to make any money on Zazzle, with some pointers to keep your store receiving traffic and most importantly making those sales! Without any further delay, lets get started!

1. Create a good looking profile

This may seem obvious, but if your profile is lacking, then people will be put off buying your products. Make sure your profile has the following key items if you want to make money on zazzle:

  • A well designed header image
  • A full public description of your store/brand, with any relevant keywords to help yourself be found in zazzle search
  • A link to your website / social media profile
  • Categorized products that make your page easier to navigate
Zazzle Store
Having a customised Zazzle Header Image helps make your profile unique and memorable

2. Volume Volume, Volume!

One of the key factors you will observe with many of the best Zazzler’s is that their stores are vast, most of them would have been uploading products daily for anywhere from 1-5 years, and this means their stores have plenty of different designs on hundreds of different products.

Volume is key when creating a successful Zazzle Store

The key to volume is of course consistency, if you upload one design a day and apply it to say 10 different products, thats 70 products in a week, 280 products in a month, and 3360 products in a year, more than enough to get yourself noticed on Zazzle and start appearing for searches. The example below shows a Zazzler who has thousands of products in each of their most used categories.

Zazzle Store
Volume is a key factor in being successful on Zazzle

3. Create Niche Stores

Whether you specialize in posters or pillows, creating a niche store will allow you to separate yourself from the competition and help visitors remember your store easier. Example: Here at Layerform we have a few stores, one is for general uploads and artwork, whereas another is devoted to artwork of cats and dogs, a completely separated niche altogether. If you’re using a graphics tablet, then you could navigate to your browser and use ChatGPT to find your niche.

4. Post your products on Wanelo

According to this article on Buzzfeed, Wanelo is one of the hottest social networks around at the moment, with Urban Outfitters even including a Wanelo Icon next to their Facebook and Twitter share icons. This is BIG news for clothing & merchandise stores, you can easily post your Zazzle products to Wanelo and it will automatically pick up the price, and from there all you need to do is pick the category, either Men, Women or Home, and your product is out there for millions of users to save and share with their friends.

Wanelo Shopping

5. Post your products on Pinterest

Despite Wanelo rising in popularity, Pinterest is still one of the biggest image boards on the internet and millions of people find products on Pinterest and then share them with their friends. Its possible for products to go viral on Pinterest, aswell as infographics. All you have to do is simply copy and paste your Zazzle product URL into Pinterest and it will pick up the image URL ready to post. From here you want to make sure to do the following:

  • Give a detailed description of the product in the description field
  • Post your product to a custom-made board, ie: “Fairy Designs”

Pinterest Pic

6. Create Viral Merchandise

Everybody loves Raymon….wait, no Doge!

This strategy is slightly more shortlived than the others, ie: posting regularly to social networks, but there is potential to make a lot of money from viral merchandise. One of the best examples I can think about in recent times is “Doge”. This popular internet meme has took off big time, and people are LOVING their Doge merchandise on Zazzle. If you search for Doge you will see thousands of products, and no doubt there is someone making some good pocket money from their Doge Products!

It doesn’t have to be a meme, it could be politics related, or about a famous celebrity (a quote or a celebrity mishap), the point is, take a look around you and see what is popular at the moment and think to yourself, can i make money from this? If yes, then go ahead, jump into your favourite Image Editor of choice, whether it be Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator (Illustrator is best for scalable graphics), and start creating your masterpieces!

7. Be Persistent & Consistent

The real key to making money on Zazzle is to be persistent and consistent

The real success stories on Zazzle come from people who have been uploading for years and years. If this puts you off then you probably wont make much online. The only way you can make that elusive $1,000+ a month is to be persistent and really keep at it. You will not, i repeat NOT see results overnight, instead the sales will come in dribs and drabs, unless of course you create a viral T Shirt (but the sales will rapidly decrease after the hype dies down).

Focus on uploading a few products every day, consistency will make you money in the long run. Its hard work, but when you finally start making money you will be loving every moment of it. Think of it this way, you could play that extra hour of Starcraft, Call of Duty or whatever it is you love to play, but if you put that hour into creating products and uploading them for an hour a day, you will be doing something productive that could potentially make you some good pocket money in the future when you really need it. So please, be persistent.

That’s a wrap folks!

I hope you learned a few things from this article and i also hope that it gives you the motivation to go out there, create your products, and succeed! Please visit the layerform Zazzle stores below and show us some love!

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