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  • best-stretches-for-designers-and-desk-workers

    Best Stretches for Designers & Desk Workers

    Want to become a supple leopard? Read this.. Web designers and developer spend too much time working on their computers. This could mean sitting down the whole day and sometimes late into the night if you have an urgent project to complete. The problem with being in this sitting position for extended periods is that …

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  • FREE Dribbble Invite

    FREE Dribbble Invite Giveaway!

    FREE Dribbble Invite Giveaway! Yes you heard it! Here at Layerform we are quite fond of Dribbble, and as such they have given us an exclusive Free Dribbble Invite to recruit another talented artist to their constantly growing repertoire of designers, photographers, web developers and much more! We are inviting you to follow a few …

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  • top-5-sans-serif-fonts

    5 Of The Best Sans Serif Fonts on Creativemarket

    So what are the best Sans-Serif Fonts on Creativemarket? Sans-serif Fonts used in typography and their main feature is that they do not have the small projecting features called “serifs” at the end of strokes from where comes their name. Its origin is French which on English means “without line”. They first were developed in …

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  • Free Polygon Backgrounds

    5 Premium FREE Polygon Backgrounds

    Time for Freebies Baby! With the current rise of low poly design in 3D Modelling and Digital Art, we thought we would provide the community with a set of FREE Polygon Backgrounds to use in your own personal and commercial (a mention would be cool though) projects. These backgrounds come in a resolution of …

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  • How to Make Money on Zazzle

    Designers – How to Make Money on Zazzle

    Is it Hard to Make Money on Zazzle? This is a tough question, as there are thousands of people online making their full time income from Zazzle by selling their own personalised merchandise. However, on the flipside, there are also thousands of designers struggling to make their first proper sale on Zazzle, even though they …

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  • welcome-to-layerform

    Welcome To Layerform – Creative Content for Creative People!

    Welcome to the official launch of, a new design community based on providing the finest graphic design news, freebies, deals and interviews for the creatives amongst us! On a weekly basis we shall be providing Photoshop Tutorials, Illustrator Tutorials, topics on Art, Design, Ecommerce, Freelancing and much more including Interviews with some of the …

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