Best Designer Ipad Cases

Here at Layerform we believe great design can span into many different facets of technology, and products for the Ipad (both good and bad) have exploded over the last few years. This article aims to present a few of the best designer cases for Ipad and where you can get them, so no matter where you are, you and you’re Ipad are always looking stylish.

Mountain Mini Ipad Case

This Designer Ipad Case is based on the infamous film “into the wild”, and sports a desaturated piece of photography as the front and rear of the Ipad Case Design.


Kyoto Rose Ipad Case

Based on Japanese Flowers, this design encompasses a tasty floral pattern with a subtle, neutral color palette.


Flower Burst Felt Ipad Case

This Designer Ipad Case is made from a felt material and once again has a floral design pattern on the front and rear.


Clouds Ipad Case

This Ipad case has a patched cloud design on the frontal portion and rear, and is slightly more feminine


London Tube Map Ipad Case

A case based on the infamous London Underground Tube Map, this is a quirky design, and could even help out people opposite you on the train!


Aztec Ipad Case

This is a simply phenomenal Ipad Case based off an aztec design, perfect for any designer!


Monsters Mini Tablet Ipad Case

A great design from Paperchase, this is a monsters mini tablet design Ipad Case


Tribal Tablet Ipad Case

Another tribal design, this is a unique Ipad Case and would make a great part of any designer’s Ipad Case Collection


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