Illustrator Kei Meguro speaks with Layerform

1How did you get started with illustration?

Drawing has been a passion since I can even remember- my parents always encouraged me to appreciate the arts so it came to me naturally. Doodling was the one of the things I knew I could never get sick of, it even got me through art school haha. Eventually I graduated with a degree in graphic design and I currently work full time as a graphic designer and illustrator.


2 What is your inspiration?

People who aren’t scared to be daring. People who embrace their unique features. People who tell a story with their eyes. People, people and people just never stop inspiring me.

Most of my past work are drawings based from models but I’m currently working on a project focusing on more “real” people around me- my friends, family, the guy at the deli I buy cigarettes from. It would be great if I could portray a story through a drawing I do of these “real” people who I actually interact with.

I also like to leave myself open to new and different experiences, through this I find spontaneity and inspiration for my work.


3What is an average day like for you?

I usually wake up to my dog trying to crawl all over me. If I’m working, I’m designing and drawing in front of my huge iMac screen. If I get home early, I fix myself a quick meal followed by a cocktail and doodle away.

4Apart from illustration, what are your other hobbies?

New York City is probably one of the best cities to get lost in, I love wandering around and not really having a specific destination. I usually find myself in vintage stores or a hole-in-the-wall kind of dumpling place downtown.


5 What is your favourite piece of work and why?

I actually don’t have a favorite yet, I’m still new to being a working illustrator so everyday is about practicing and evolving for me.

6 Who is your favourite artist?

Gustav Klimt, Alphonse Mucha, Egon Schiele and James Jean. I’m pretty sure there are plenty of other artists I’m just forgetting to mention here.


7 What is the best place you have visited?

Thailand. The food, culture and people- absolutely stunning.

8 What advice can you give to other aspiring designers?

Always follow your gut feeling and instincts and just go for it. If art is the way you express your feelings and share your inspirations, its a gift.

Thats a wrap folks!

You can check our more of Kei’s work at the links below, so please make sure to show her some love yo! (yeah we said yo, this is a gangsta interview homie):

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