Adobe Firefly Generative AI Tools

Adobe Firefly: Revolutionary Generative AI Tool, & CC Updates

The digital age has heralded countless innovations, and leading the pack is the evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI). A recent groundbreaking contribution to this landscape is Adobe’s Firefly generative AI model, which is now available to the general public. So, what makes Firefly such a game-changer, and how does it revolutionise the Creative Cloud landscape? Let’s delve deeper.

Unraveling the Capabilities of Firefly

Firefly is not just another AI tool; it embodies a generative model that brings a paradigm shift in how digital creators work. Once limited to beta testing, Firefly has now matured, ready to integrate seamlessly with the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, Adobe Express, and the Adobe Experience Cloud.

From Beta to Broad Availability

Firefly’s journey has been meticulously planned and executed. Initially available in beta versions of Adobe applications, Firefly-powered features, like Illustrator’s vector recolouring, Express text-to-image effects, and the much-acclaimed Photoshop’s Generative Fill tools, are now accessible to a broader audience.

However, it’s worth noting that Firefly’s availability might be limited in regions with stringent AI regulations, such as China.

A Standalone Web App for Firefly Enthusiasts

For those who wish to experience Firefly without a commitment to specific Adobe Creative Suite applications, Adobe has a treat in store. They’ve rolled out a standalone web application for Firefly, enabling users to immerse in its generative ai capabilities.

September 2023 Creative Cloud Updates:


Below is a table that summarises the key takeaways of Adobe’s Creative Cloud Updates for September 2023 including the new Adobe Firefly Web Application:

Creative generative AI in Photoshop & IllustratorFeatures like Generative Fill, Expand in Photoshop, and Generative Recolor in Illustrator powered by Adobe Firefly are now available. They enable enhanced creative experimentation.
AI Features in Premiere ProNew AI-enhanced features in beta, including Text-Based Editing with filler word detection and Enhance Speech. The timeline is 5x faster with various other community-requested improvements.
After Effects UpdatesIntroduces a 3D workspace to integrate high-quality 3D models. Also, an AI-enhanced Roto Brush for faster object cut-outs from footage.
Firefly Web ApplicationA platform for quick idea and content creation, supporting text prompts in over 100 languages. All content created can be used commercially.
Adobe Express PremiumOffers features like Text to Image and Text Effects. Provides seamless access to Photoshop and Illustrator assets and offers real-time collaboration.
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Adobe Firefly for Enterprises: A New Frontier

With the enterprise version of Adobe Firefly now generally available, businesses can leverage a commercially viable generative AI model. Adobe has been proactive in ensuring Firefly’s training on Adobe Stock and public domain content, eliminating copyright concerns.

Moreover, businesses can now customise Firefly models with their assets. This customisation ensures that content generated aligns perfectly with their brand ethos, giving businesses an edge in creating bespoke content.

Content Credentials: Ensuring Authenticity

One of the standout features of Firefly is the Content Credentials system. It’s essentially a digital “nutrition label” backed by the Content Authenticity Initiative. This label is designed to attach metadata, identify an image as AI-generated, and provide crucial information like the creation date, tools used, and edits made.

Adobe has joined hands with 14 other companies, committing to the White House’s initiative to develop technology that identifies AI-generated images. This collaboration aims to promote the responsible use of generative AI, ensuring transparency and authenticity.

Economics of Firefly: Understanding the Credit System & New Pricing (2023)

As of 13/09/23, Adobe revealed they will be changing the pricing of their plans to reflect including Firefly, Generative Credits and Express, an example of their individual all apps plan can be seen below:

Creative Cloud for Individual All Apps Plan
DescriptionPrevious PriceNew Price
Annual billed monthly option (USD$5 increase)USD$54.99 per monthUSD$59.99 per month
Month-to-month option (USD$7.50 increase)USD$82.49 per monthUSD$89.99 per month
Annual prepaid option (USD$60 increase)USD$599.88 per yearUSD$659.88 per year

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The computational demands of generative AI are significant, and to manage this, Adobe has introduced a credit-based system. This system allows users to access the fastest Firefly-powered workflows.

For those who subscribe to the all-app Creative Cloud, a monthly allocation of 1,000 Generative Credits is provided. If users surpass their credit limit, they can still generate content, albeit at a slower pace. And for those who exhaust their credits? Additional Firefly Generative Credit packs are available for purchase, starting at a competitive price point of $4.99.

Rewarding the Contributors: Adobe’s New Bonus Scheme

In a bid to acknowledge and reward stock contributors, Adobe has introduced an annual bonus scheme. This initiative is designed to compensate Adobe Stock contributors who permit their stock submissions for training Adobe’s AI models.

While the exact figures remain under wraps, Adobe has intimated that the bonus amount will be “meaningful”, providing an added incentive for contributors.


In an era where AI is reshaping the digital landscape, Adobe’s Firefly emerges as a beacon of innovation. It promises to redefine how creators work, offering tools that are both powerful and user-friendly. As we embrace this new tool, one thing is clear: the future of digital creation is here, and it’s blazingly bright.