• best-free-handwriting-fonts-for-designers

    The Best Free Handwriting Fonts for Designers (2021 UPDATED)

    The Best Free Handwriting Fonts! When you want to add a magical touch to any graphic or web design project you are working on, there is nothing better than using a sleek handwriting font for the main hero image or typographic inspired graphic. Handwritten typefaces are whimsical and have an authentic feel that represents actual …

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  • best-stretches-for-designers-and-desk-workers

    Best Stretches for Designers & Desk Workers (UPDATED)

    Want to become a supple leopard? Read this.. Web designers and developer spend too much time working on their computers. This could mean sitting down the whole day at your Wework Hotdesk (for example) and sometimes late into the night if you have an urgent project to complete. The problem with being in this sitting …

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  • best-script-fonts-on-envato-elements

    The Best Script Fonts on Envato Elements (2021 UPDATED)

    Envato Elements Script Fonts Script fonts are a trendy style of typography that can be found almost anywhere on the web. The fonts a are typically a representation of actual handwriting or a “cursive”, slanted style of type which has become ever popular within the last few years especially. Although many people have come up …

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  • The-Best-Fonts-to-Use-on-Your-Resume

    The Best and Worst Fonts To Use On Your Resume (2021 UPDATED)

    The Best Fonts to use on your Resume? One of the most important aspects of applying for a job is your resume. The resume provides your potential employer with the first opportunity to interact with and try to discern the kind of person you are. The problem comes when there are too many job seekers …

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  • best-graphics-tablet

    How to Find the Best Graphics Tablet (2021 UPDATED)

    Table of Contents 1. Size 2. Usage 3. Compatibility 4. Screen Resolution 5. Pressure Sensitivity 6. Tilt Sensitivity 7. Controls 8. Display v Non Display 9. Responsiveness 10. Stylus What are the Best Tablets? The Best Drawing Tablet The introduction of a graphics tablet came as a reprieve to artists who want a bit more …

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  • best-free-fonts-2020

    The Best FREE Fonts (2021 UPDATED LIST)

    So…What are the Best Free Fonts? [UPDATED 2021!] Ok so as a designer there’s nothing more exciting than a free font, right? Well, either that or a client not complaining for once! Now that being said, if Fonts are your thing, if you just cant get enough of them, this is the article for you. …

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  • The-Best-Free-Fonts-for-2018

    The Best Free Fonts for 2018

    [UPDATED LIST] Best Free Fonts Here at Layerform Design Co, we specialise in making Fonts, but we’re also big fans of Free Fonts. There are so many talented designers and typographers out there, so today we have a list of some of the best free fonts for 2018 currently. We will also periodically update this list …

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  • FREE-Lulu-Icon-Pack

    Free Lulu Vector Icon Pack

    Free Icons Ready for some Free Icons once again? It has been a while since our last blog-featured Freebie, so we are glad to announce this icon pack available for FREE Download 🙂 In partnership with Stockio In the download you will receive the following file formats: PNGs (1024 x 1024 transparent png image of …

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  • Top-10-Graphic-Design-Podcasts

    The 10 Best Graphic Design Podcasts (2021 UPDATED)

    A round up of the Best Graphic Design Podcasts Graphic design podcasts are gradually evolving as a mainstay in the design world. They are engaging, inspiring, and a good way to learn new information and trends in the design culture. The best thing about these podcasts are, you can play them in the background while …

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  • 37-Designer-Icons-by-Layerform

    37 Designer Vector Icons

    Free Icons Ready for some Free Icons? It’s been a while since our last Freebie so we thought It was about time to launch something new for the Layerform community, this time in the form of 37 Premium Designer Icons from our friends at Ecomm Design! So what type of designs does that mean exactly? …

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