The Best Unity Courses and Training


The Best Unity Courses and Training for 2021

What are the best unity courses on Udemy? Unity is a multipurpose gaming engine from Unity Technologies that was designed to produce 2D and 3D simulations on desktops, cell phones, and even VR. This platform allows for simplified functionality, as well as the creation of C# content and scripting.

Even though the engine has been with us for a while now, there have been upgrades and improvements ever since its introduction.

Fortunately, there are various training courses on the web that will bring you up to speed with the latest developments on the platform.

Udemy is one of the many sites that allow beginners, intermediate, and expert game enthusiasts to enrol in such a program and learn how to develop games in the Unity system.

The following are the best Unity courses on Udemy to learn game development.

Learn to Code by Making Games: A Complete C# Unity Developer Course102,2284.6 / 5View
Unity Game Development Build 2D & 3D Games32,1564.2 / 5View
The Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Unity52,3084.6 / 5View
Learn to Code by Making a 2D Platformer in Unity7,9634.4 / 5View
Create Your First RPG and FPS Multiplayer Game in Unity11,2334.6 / 5View

Complete Blender Creator: Learn 3D Modelling for Beginners186,3584.6 / 5View
RPG Core Combat Creator – Learn Intermediate Unity C# Coding70,0724.7 / 5View
Unity Android Game Development: Build 7 2D and 3D Games8,5614.2 / 5View
Become a Game Designer: The Complete Series Coding to Design50,9144.2 / 5View
Shader Development from Scratch for Unity with Cg11,4634.6 / 5View

Learn to Code by Making Games: A Complete C# Unity Developer Course


Learn to Code by Making Games: A Complete C# Unity Developer Course is a Unity certification course that offers you an excellent way to learn to code and create interesting games.

Designed by Ben Tristen, the course is comprehensive, well-structured, and boasts the title of the most popular game development program on Udemy.

With a 4.7/5 rating and over 300,000 students enrolled, it is arguably one of the best unity courses on the web today.

The class teaches you how to program in C#, as well as perform Test-Driven Development. It will take you through a well-guided path and equip you with the skills to build 3D and 2D games.

You won’t just be developing games, you’ll be doing it like a pro, thanks to the lessons in the course.

Instructions are relatively clear and easy to follow, even for absolute beginners with no prior experience. Another advantage of taking this course is that you have access to exceptional support on the forums where like-minded individuals in the gaming community brainstorm and share ideas.

You’ll also have project files, extra references, and resources at your disposal.


Generally, the students have high praise for the way the lessons are taught. The lecturer takes his time to explain everything to the letter while making sure that nobody is left behind.

You’ll have an easy time learning everything from the basics to advanced topics such as cinematics, lighting, multiplayer, etc.

In this course you will learn:

  1. How to become a proficient user of C# computer language, even if you have no previous programming experience

  2. How to build a stable foundation for game design and development to enable you to develop games on your own

  3. How to efficiently use the Unity game platform

  4. How to Transfer the knowledge you gained from the course to languages like NET and more

  5. How to become a part of a supportive gaming community made up of your peers

  6. How to develop playable game projects which will be a plus to your portfolio

  7. How object-oriented programming functions in practice

  8. Earn superior transferable coding problem-solving skills

With this course, you will learn C# language and have a solid foundation when it comes to objected oriented programming.

By the time you wrap up this class, you’ll be conversant with all the basics of coding and have the confidence to design and develop games of your own.

The course is fairly long and will need you to be patient through the 35 hours of video lessons. You also get 7 articles and 17 resources that you can download; it’s one of our favourite best unity courses on Udemy!

best unity courses for designers

The course instructor has a rich experience in coding and gaming; he’ll be able to clear the air on the most complex of issues with ease. Learn to Code by making Games is an inclusive program that will accommodate all levels of students.

Whether you are a complete beginner, an experienced artist, or a seasoned developer looking to gain new skills, you’ll feel at home when you enrol in this course, which we honestly feel is one of the best unity courses for 2020.

Unity Game Development: Build 2D & 3D Games


This is another useful course that will teach all the ins and outs of Unity! The lessons have been put together by avid game developers with rich knowledge to share from their experience in the gaming field.

If you’ve ever considered pursuing game development as a career, this might just be the class to give you a head start.

You don’t need a coding background to take this course, and before you know it, you’ll have gone from zero to designing advanced level 2D & 3D Games.

Unity Game Development: Build 2D & 3D Games encompasses a total of 117 lectures, which equate to 35 hours of video lessons. You will have to practice patience to absorb as much as you can from the lessons.


The class will provide you with knowledge on how to code in C#, as well as build 3D/2D using the Unity platform.

Additionally, you will be acquainted with advanced-level subjects like multiplayer and cinematics. Not to mention that you’ll have access to a free chatroom where you can correspond with the gaming community and ask for help and guidance.

In this course you will learn:

  1. How to Develop 3D Unity games & Write computer programs in C# language

  2. How to Build 2-dimensional Unity games and work with sprites, as well as Lighting and light-mapping

  3. Camera animations and cutscenes

  4. Basic artificial intelligence, and also Pathfinding and physics

  5. How to build Tower defence game & zombies games

  6. How to build Melee and ranged battle systems, and build character animations

  7. Scripting and Particle FX

  8. How to apply for junior game developer gigs as a Unity 2D/3D developer

According to the learners, the course material has been optimally structured and would be the ideal choice for rookies who have no clue that the platform exists.

It is quite easy to follow what is being taught and the instructor provides learners with specific explanations on the different topics.

The provided exercises are also fun and offer you so much exciting stuff to learn about.

Taking this course enables you to be creative with the skills you get for a successful game development career.

Apart from the video tutorials, you get 7 articles and 17 downloadable resources that will be a deep treasure of knowledge.

Remember to make the most of these resources in case any concepts are not fully clear to you. The course will be a nice pick for programmers without C# development experience, as well as game developers who want to learn about Unity.

The Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Unity 2019


If you’ve ever imagined yourself developing exciting and sellable 3D games that can be played on all kinds of platforms, this course will bring you closer to realising your vision.

This is the only course to be approved by Unity Technologies, meaning its head and shoulders above its peers if you’re looking for a high-quality class to sign up for.

Students are taken through a comprehensive academic journey that starts with the fundamentals of C# programming.

The Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Unity 2019 will teach you how to develop your first 3D and 2D games. These will not be any ordinary games; the instructor ensures that you gain the skills to design standout games with the help of Unity’s latest features such as the animation system and post-processing effects.

With your mastery of C#, you’ll be able to create power-ups and enemies, implement sound effects, and navigate the platform as you deploy the game to mobile and internet platforms.

Also, prior expertise is not a requirement to take up this course. The lecturer takes a step by step approach in walking you through the lessons from the very basic to the core topics.

They are more than 160 lectures in this certification and 30 interactive challenges that will conveniently prepare you for complicated game building. It is, therefore, suitable for both amateurs and experienced individuals looking to further their knowledge of Unity. When thinking about the best unity courses on Udemy, this is certainly one of them!

In this course you will learn:

  1. All about the C# concepts, including variables, arrays, and “if” statements

  2. How to apply shaders to transform backgrounds on the game

  3. How to detect collisions, create player movements, and receive user input

  4. How to create power-ups such as triple shots, speed boosts, shields, and laser beams & Collect and destroy game objects

  5. How to activate and apply Unity’s team collaboration service

  6. How to navigate the Unity platform and discover amazing features such as Asset Store

  7. How to Implement background music, sound and particle effects


Student reviews reveal that the course is presented with superior quality and most people consider this to be among the best Unity courses they’ve ever taken.

The content will get you up to speed with the latest developments on the platform and the instructor does a tremendous job of engaging students and responding to their queries. The lectures are also short to avoid getting cumbersome for those with a short attention span.

The course features 21 hours of on-demand video and 5 downloadable sources.

You’ll also be rewarded with a certificate of completion at the end of the day, plus full lifetime access to the course.

The Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Unity 2019 is ideal for anyone with an interest in game development, and those looking to gain the techniques to build commercially viable 3D and 2D games, and one of the best unity courses on our list.

Learn to Code by Making a 2D Platformer in Unity

Unity is a useful industry-standard program that reputable gaming studios and developers around the world use. Learn to Code by Making a 2D Platformer in Unity offers you the opportunity to understand what goes behind the scenes of some of your favourite games by showing you how the program works.

This class will not only teach you about the programming concepts in Unity but goes one better to tie the concepts to actual game development applications.

The purpose of the course is to help you learn coding in C# to build 2D games and in-still in you strong problem-solving skills.

Anybody in the game building sphere qualifies to sit this class, from the clueless beginners to programmers with mileage in the industry.

You will gain valuable techniques that should enable you to create characters, enemies, boss battles, build levels, etc.

The course is well-planned and relatively easy to wrap your head around plus the instructor has a good rapport with the students, which makes everything easier. The lessons have enough details, and the course has been divided into easy-to-understand chunks to favour beginner learners.

You’ll also have access to a resourceful forum where you can share ideas on the various topics covered in the course, and ask any questions you may have.


In this course you will learn:

  1. To Understand the proficiencies of 2D development in the platform

  2. Learn the C# programming language & How to create a character control

  3. How to create collectibles like coins and extra lives & Create various types of enemies

  4. Build a unique, challenging boss battle & Create dangers like spikes, saws, moving platforms, etc

  5. How to make a user interface featuring interactive menus

  6. Develop powerful, transferrable problem-solving coding skills

  7. Understand object-oriented programming and how it works in practice

Overall, the course is understandable to anybody who decides to enrol. It shouldn’t pose any problems, whether you are a newbie just looking to taste the waters, a programmer with a view of understanding game design better, or an artist with ambitions of expanding their craft to game development. If you’re looking to skyrocket your game development learning, then this is one of the best unity courses on udemy for this purpose!

The course can be accessed both on mobile and TV and there are 9 downloadable resources to help with your studies.

You’ll also enjoy full lifetime access after completion and your efforts will be crowned with a certificate of completion.

Create Your First RPG and FPS Multiplayer Game in Unity


Anyone who’s ever dreamed of making RPG games but lacked the knowledge to go through with it will find this class very useful. It is the first really comprehensive course on the web that shows you how to develop First Person Shooter Multiplayer Game.

Create your First RPG & FPS Multiplayer Game by Awesome Tuts allows students to create four different 3D games from the ground up with the help of Unity Game Platform. It starts with a simple introduction on the basics of Unity and coding in C# to ensure that you don’t get lost along the way.

From here, the course dives into the more advanced and core features, so even students with no previous knowledge of C# are legible to enrol in this course.

The reception from learners is generally encouraging with some noting the benefit of the programming tips and assets provided during their learning.

You get to learn crucial game creation techniques and there’s an excellent support system to always help out when you need something about the lessons clarified.

The course will be a nice starting point for beginners because it provides you with real-world examples.

The tutor is also quite easy to follow throughout the lessons and offers precise instructions. Not to mention that he is always available to respond to queries.

In this course you will learn:

  1. How to use the unity game engine interface & Advanced Artificial Intelligence

  2. Everything from basic to intermediate and finally advanced C# programming

  3. How to organise the project & Importation of assets / pathfinding

  4. Sound FX and music

  5. Basic and advanced-level character animations along with Melee battle systems

  6. How to develop multiplayer games using Unity’s networking system

  7. Creation and animation of menus & How to utilise Unity’s UI system

  8. How to gain powerful and transferrable problem-solving skills

  9. Object-oriented programming & Creation of animation trigger events

Another advantage of this course is that you have unlimited access to a forum with crucial resources that you can always refer to when you find yourself stuck.

The active Udemy forums allow you to interact with fellow students, brainstorm and discuss various questions regarding the course you’re all sitting.

This will be a great way to make sure that you’re always on the same page with your peers, as well as the lecturer.


If you feel you have an awesome idea for a game, taking up this course with equip you with the necessary tools to turn your vision into reality. You never know, you could be on the right path to developing the next hit in the market!

Furthermore, there’s nothing for you to lose with the full money-back guarantee offered. The course is recommended for beginners looking for guidance in becoming game developers, programmers interested in the Unity engine for game creation, as well as experienced game developers looking to fine-tune their capabilities.

Complete Blender Creator: Learn 3D Modelling for Beginners


Ok so this course isn’t strictly for Unity, but Blender is the 3D Program of choice for many Unity Designers, so we thought we’d chuck this one in here! 😀

Blender is an amazing platform that enables users to come up with AAA-quality models that can be transferred to any 3D printer, game engine, or other software.

It enables them to do a variety of interesting stuff, including designing a dream home or car, creating video game assets, expressing your art through 3D, and making one-of-a-kind 3D-printed gifts.

In Complete Blender Creator: Learn 3D Modelling for Beginners you get one of the highest-ranked Blender courses on the internet. Created by Michael Bridges and Ben Tristem, the program aims to show you how to use Blender in the creation of 3D models for video games, as well as 3D printing of house designs and other projects.

You are free to join the training as an absolute beginner; the tutors are among the best on Udemy with an excess of 600,000 students having been under their tutelage at one point in time.

In this course you will learn:

  1. Core modelling principles

  2. How to create interesting 3D models with simple colour shades

  3. The basics of animation

  4. How to use Blender and understand the interface

  5. Get experimental with particle effects ad have fun while at it

  6. How to UV map and unwrap your models, and How to come up with your own materials

  7. How to combine CGI with real-world footage

  8. How to export models to external packages

  9. Applying Blender’s physics engine in creating destruction


The one-off fee you pay when enrolling in this training program entitles you to full lifetime access to the course, so in case of any updates, you’ll be able to benefit. Also, the lecturers have extensive proficiency in 3D modelling and Blender, which allows them to explain and respond to questions on complex concepts taught in the course with unrivalled precision.

By the end of the course, you should fully conversant with the basics of 3D modelling, rendering and hungry for more knowledge.

The course is open to students at all levels. For complete beginners, you’ll know about the modelling fundamentals you need for artists; the training will enable you to bring the assets you have to life.

Finally, if you are a coder, you’ll get to know more about modelling and design principles. Remember, there is a gaming community available for you to join freely and share 3D models and games, as well as correspond with fellow students. The level of support you get with this course makes it one of the best unity courses on Udemy

RPG Core Combat Creator – Learn Intermediate Unity C# Coding


Role Playing Games (RPG) can prove quite a challenge to create with multiple gameplay systems. RPG Core Combat Creator: Learn Intermediate C# Codingis one of the best unity courses on udemy and makes everything easy by showing you a step by step process of how to create the foundation of a great RPG combat system from the ground up.

This 27-hour long training program is one of the best Unity courses online, boasting a 4.7/5 rating and more than 60,000 students enrolled. The team of tutors does a great job of acquainting you with the skills to create combat machines, as well as advanced techniques such as delegates and interfaces.

The course will focus on the core of great RPG and how to give players an entertaining combat moment in a well-planned level based on stable game design.

By following the project, you will be able to create the game single-handedly.

This course is a pretty comprehensive introduction to actual game development and dispenses critical knowledge through a step by step process. It explores all avenues to make justified decisions about the concepts you’re learning.

In this course you will learn:

  1. Creation of pathfinding systems, as well as patrol paths for enemies, NPCs, etc.

  2. How to create code combat mechanics for special and ranged attacks, melee

  3. How to balance player and enemy stats, for instance, damage, movement, health, speed, attack, etc.

  4. Advanced C# techniques such as delegates, co-routines, and interfaces

  5. Advanced game design, code architecture strategies, and project management

  6. How to build an RPG in Unity

Before you take this course, you will need basic knowledge of unity and the C# programming language, after which you’ll be introduced to more advanced programming techniques like C# delegates, co-routines, interfaces, etc.

This means the class is more suitable for intermediate Unity users with ambitions of creating their own RPG.,/p>

The course includes 4 articles and 15 downloadable resources in its package to assist with seamless learning.

You also get full lifetime access and if you feel underwhelmed by the lessons you get, there is a 30-day, money-back guarantee. Its a solid contender in our list on best unity courses for 2020.

Unity Android Game Development: Build 7 2D and 3D Games


If you ever plan to develop games, it goes without saying that you’ll need to deploy them to mobile platforms. Considering that Android has the largest share in the market, it will definitely be a priority when you start deploying your creations.

Unity Android Game Development: Build 7 2D & 3D Games provides lessons on how to develop games for Android with the help of Unity. But it does not restrict you to Android, the principles being taught can also be applied to other mobile platforms.

Signing up for this course allows you to learn about building various genres of games using Unity.

You’ll also get to know about other useful techniques, such as integrating leaderboards, player achievements, monetising through ads, and much more.

These are critical skills you’re going to need when you decide to deploy your completed game to Play Store.

Another advantage here is that the course also shows you how to develop your own game art with Inkscape; a convenient skill for any game developer. An important thing to note is that the game requires students to have some programming knowledge, so it may not be the best fit for absolute beginners.

In this course you will learn:

  1. How to build 5 3D and 2Dgames with Unity, including Fruit Ninja, Zigzag, Tappy Ball, etc.

  2. How to deploy your games to Google Play Store

  3. How to create online leaderboards

  4. Learn version controlling using Github, Bitbucket, Git

  5. How to integrate video ads to earn money

  6. How to build an RPG in Unity

Completing this course leaves you with a powerful and essential skill at your disposal.

The fundamentals of Unity for Android Game Development ensures that you have a useful tool you can harness to make a living out of creating games.

There are numerous gigs associated with Unity Android game creation in the industry and this puts you in a prime position to land yourself one. But if you’re not looking to be an employee, you’ll still have a strong background that you can use to build awesome android games as a freelancer.


By the time you’re wrapping up, you should be in a position to build fully functional and market-ready Android games that you can publish on Play Store.

Generally, the course is easy to follow and comes with excellent documentation to ensure that learners get all the knowledge they need seamlessly.

You also get complete working files and the opportunity to work alongside the lecturer as he walks you through the various concepts.

Finally, you will be rewarded with a certificate upon completing the course to back your newly acquired skills. Its definitely a top contender on our list of best unity courses for 2020.

Become a Game Designer: The Complete Series Coding to Design


If you’re in the market for an advanced Unity course, this will be a great pick for you! This deep and extensive training program takes you through the beginner to professional level techniques of everything to do with 3D game development using Unity, digital, painting, computer animation, as well as C# programming.

Become a Game Designer: The Complete Series – Coding to Design not only focuses on the Unity game engine but also on programs such as 3DS Max and Maya to model, animate, texture, as well as render complex 3D models. It’s hand down one of the best unity courses on Udemy.

It will start you off with the simple and basic models before shifting to advanced digital sculpting methods in programs like Mudbox.

You’ll also be taught intermediate and advanced digital painting, which involves digitally painting fantasy worlds, characters, creatures, etc.

Other things to learn include workflow techniques as to how you can bring the models from 3D Max or Maya into Unity.

In this course you will learn:

  1. How to create 2D and 3D models that come to your imagination & Understand the Unity interface

  2. How to code in C# programming language

  3. How to transfer 3D models and animations to Unity for game assembly

  4. How to create game assets

  5. How to use advanced programs like Maya and 3DS Max

  6. Fundamentals of Unity game engine

  7. About advanced digital sculpting techniques

  8. Digitally paint creatures, fantasy worlds, etc.

Become a Game Designer is a long and comprehensive course; with 86 hours of on-demand video, you will need to be patient to absorb everything that is being taught. Fortunately, you’ll be under the stewardship of industry veterans who have been in the business for more than 15 years and their passion for developing great games means that you’ll be in safe hands.

You’ll also have 10 articles and 12 downloadable resources to refer to whenever a concept seems unclear to you.

By the end of your learning, you should be in a great position to succeed in the competitive industry that is game development. You get extensive knowledge that spans the entire game building pipeline to enable you to easily create a market-ready3D game from scratch.

Whether you’re planning to land a gig at a reputable game studio or create and publish indie games as a freelancer, the constant here is that you will need exceptional training, both as a programmer and an artist. Exactly what this course offers you!

Shader Development from Scratch for Unity with Cg


Shader Development from Scratch for Unity with CG offers you a comprehensive guide to programming using Cg and High-Level Shader Language with Unity’s Shaderlab to build visual surface effects for lighting and colouring game objects.

The course focuses on the mathematics of light and surfaces while taking you through the steps followed in the recreation of the most popular shaders.

There will be several computer graphics concepts that you’ll be introduced to with a view of helping you to comprehend the graphics pipeline, as well as equip you with a critical toolkit of rendering knowledge.

This should enable you to develop your own transparent, textured, and animated shaders before you know it!


This certification program aims to instil in you invaluable skills and techniques necessary to program the computer graphics pipeline with Unity from the ground up.

The instructor boasts an internationally recognised teaching style to go with more than 25 years of being in the gaming and graphics industry.

This course takes you on a long and in-depth into through the computer graphics field the same way it is being taught to post-graduate learners. With detailed descriptions and useful workshops, students will know everything from rendering queues, graphics buffers, 3D meshes, colour theory, vector mathematics, lighting models, texture mapping and much more.

In this course you will learn:

  1. How to use Unity Shaderlab in the creation of shader effects with HLSL/CG

  2. How to use mesh vertices and textures in developing special rendering effects

  3. How to apply tour knowledge of simple mathematics in transforming the visual surface on virtual objects

  4. How to work with bump maps to add extra dimension and depth to surface textures

  5. Mathematics for working using objects in 2D and 3D spaces

  6. Working with variables, as well as packed arrays

  7. How to understand the graphics pipeline and apply the knowledge in solving problems associated with shading

  8. How to work with deferred and forward lighting

  9. Add special effects like holographic, surface deformations, and scrolling textures

  10. How to use different lighting models to create flat-shaded objects and highly reflective and shiny surfaces

  11. Multiple graphics buffers employed in the rendering pipeline

Shader Development from Scratch for Unity with Cg includes 10 hours of video lesson, 22 articles, as well as 68 downloadable resources to make sure that you have all the guidance you need to understand the lessons; it’s most certainly one of the best unity courses for 2020.

It is a great course for anyone with a fascination for computer graphics and those trying to understand and write shaders on their own.

Note that the course requires you to have some background knowledge in Unity game engine and be able to program in a language like C#.



There is an endless resource of knowledge on the internet that will hone your skills in the Unity game engine and take you to the next level. The above are some of the best Unity courses you can access on Udemy.

Hopefully, enrolling in them will mark the beginning of good things to come your way.

Good Luck!

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