20 Faded Duotone Lightroom Presets


Get creative with the 20 Faded Duotone Presets Pack for Layerform.com, created by Eddy Biel.


Introducing the 20 Faded Duotone Lightroom Presets Pack

This is a pack of 20 Finely Tuned Presets for Adobe Lightroom that are perfect for your creative projects, allowing you to create a “Duotone” gradient effect over your image, which is something not easily achieved in Lightroom.

In the download you will receive:

-20 Faded Duotone Lightroom Presets in .xmp format
-Readme.txt file with Installation Instructions.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing your creations!

Important to Note

While every effort has been made to ensure these Presets are perfect for every photo, depending on exposure, noise levels and other factors, it may mean once the preset is applied, you then need to adjust varying settings to ensure the duotone effect. Duotone is not a native feature to Lightroom like Adobe Photoshop with Gradient Map etc, so its a tougher effect to achieve natively.
But that being said, these Presets can be used on the majority of photos successfully! 😀

Eddy @ Layerform


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20 Faded Duotone Lightroom Presets