Viral Shorts Success with Opus Clip AI & Tubebuddy Extension

How to Make a Viral YouTube Shorts Channel with the TubeBuddy extension and Opus Cli AI

YouTube Shorts presents a huge opportunity for creators to grow an audience fast. But mastering short form video requires the right tools. This guide covers leveraging TubeBuddy and Opus Clip to build a viral YouTube Shorts channel.

An Introduction to YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts are brief vertical videos up to 60 seconds long ideal for smartphones. Shorts get their own dedicated feed on YouTube, allowing videos to gain huge views.

YouTube promotes trending shorts, so creating binge-worthy content can lead to explosive growth. However, making captivating short videos requires the right approach.

TubeBuddy – Optimising Your YouTube Channel

TubeBuddy is a popular browser extension for YouTube creators. It provides a suite of tools for optimizing and managing your YouTube channel.

For Shorts, the TubeBuddy extension can help identify winning topics, craft titles and descriptions, schedule optimal posting times, and track performance.

Installing TubeBuddy is free. Paid tiers unlock more advanced analytics and automation features for power users.

Opus Clip – Creating Short Videos Fast

While TubeBuddy supports channel optimization, you need great short form content. That’s where Opus Clip comes in.

Opus Clip is an intuitive video editing app focused on speed. It makes cutting together Shorts fast and frictionless on mobile or desktop.

Features like video collections, templates, built-in animations, and royalty-free media help rapid Shorts creation. Opus Clip can export videos optimized for YouTube.

Combining TubeBuddy and Opus Clip

Together, TubeBuddy and Opus Clip form an end-to-end shorts creation workflow:

  • TubeBuddy analyzes trends and genres to target.
  • Opus Clip swiftly edits videos for those niches.
  • TubeBuddy guides title/description optimization and ideal posting times.
  • TubeBuddy tracks performance to refine ongoing efforts.

This streamlined process allows a bootstrap solo creator or team to churn out magnetic Shorts efficiently.

Researching Winning Niches with TubeBuddy

The foundation of YouTube success is targeting viral topics and trends. TubeBuddy’s suite of analytics tools helps uncover opportunities.

Check demand and competitor saturation for ideas by leveraging:

  • Keyword Explorer – Find trending search terms.
  • Topic Finder – Identify popular genres and subjects.
  • Trend Reports – See fastest growing niches.
  • Category Compare – Gauge competition for different areas.

Mine this intel to target hot niches where demand outpaces videos. Then craft shorts with Opus Clip for these untapped subjects.

Optimizing Shorts with TubeBuddy’s Tools

Once you’ve brainstormed hot ideas, use TubeBuddy to expand and refine them into optimized shorts.

Features like TitleBuilder, Hashtag Finder, and Description Helper provide guidance including:

  • SEO-friendly titles.
  • Popular hashtags and emoji.
  • Engaging video descriptions.
  • Ideal publish times.

TubeBuddy scans top videos to suggest proven formulas for gaining views. Applying this guidance, generate shorts with mainstream appeal.

Streamlining Production with Opus Clip

TubeBuddy has you covered for ideation and optimization. Next, efficiently produce shorts using Opus Clip’s powerful creative features.

Rapidly assemble shorts with:

  • Drag and drop web-based editing.
  • Intuitive multi-track timeline.
  • Customizable templates and graphics.
  • Animated titles, transitions, etc.
  • Stock media and video collections.
  • Music and audio effects.

Opus Clip makes piecing together compelling shorts simple. Add your own custom footage and quickly try out variations.

Uploading and Optimizing with TubeBuddy

Once your clip is exported from Opus Clip, ease the final step of uploading and optimizing within YouTube.

Take advantage of TubeBuddy efficiencies like:

  • Auto-tagging videos with relevant keywords.
  • Catching SEO issues pre-publish.
  • Recommending hashtags and descriptions.
  • Suggesting click-enticing thumbnails.
  • Scheduling videos for prime exposure.

Exploit TubeBuddy guidance to directly publish Shorts primed for organic and paid promotion success.

Tracking Performance with TubeBuddy Analytics

Finally, rely on robust analytics from TubeBuddy to evaluate your Shorts performance and capitalize on successes.

Monitor metrics like:

  • Views and viewer geography.
  • Average percentage watched.
  • Peak viewership times.
  • Traffic sources.
  • Engagement and comments.

The TubeBuddy extension integrates this data directly into YouTube for convenient analysis. Use it to double down on strengths and improve weaknesses.

Key TubeBuddy Extension Tools and Opus Clip Features

Here are some of the most valuable TubeBuddy extension and Opus Clip features for shorts creations:

TubeBuddy Keyword ExplorerFind winning keywords and tagsTubeBuddy
TubeBuddy TitleBuilderGenerate SEO titlesTubeBuddy
TubeBuddy Best Time to PublishFind optimal publishing timesTubeBuddy
TubeBuddy Channel AuditDiagnose channel performanceTubeBuddy
TubeBuddy A/B TestingCompare video variationsTubeBuddy
Opus Clip Mobile AppEdit shorts on the goOpus Clip
Opus Clip CollectionsAccess media assets in one placeOpus Clip
Opus Clip KeyframesAnimate video elementsOpus Clip
Opus Clip Stock MediaGet videos and images for projectsOpus Clip

Leverage these integrated features to streamline your end-to-end shorts production workflow.

Shorts Case Studies

To see the power of TubeBuddy and Opus Clip, check out these real world examples:

  • Family travel channel – Researches trending kid-friendly destinations in TubeBuddy to create shorts with Opus Clip stock footage and animations.
  • Fitness influencer – Uses TubeBuddy data to optimize workout Shorts produced and edited fast in Opus Clip.
  • Musician – Monitors music trends in TubeBuddy to create timely parody shorts with Opus Clip.
  • Animator – Identifies underserved animation styles via TubeBuddy to quickly animate shorts in Opus Clip.
  • Photographer – Researches photogenic locales in TubeBuddy to shoot and produce snackable landscape shorts in Opus Clip.

These examples demonstrate the versatile applications for boosting your niche channel growth.

Integrating AI Generative Art

Take short form content further by integrating AI generative art into your shorts.

Use tools like Midjourney to automatically generate:

  • Stylized graphics, portraits and landscapes to use in shorts.
  • Title cards, subscribe animations, etc.
  • Original character illustrations for explainer videos.
  • Custom backdrop environments and objects for green screen work.

Blending generative AI into the TubeBuddy and Opus Clip workflow unlocks limitless creative Shorts possibilities!

Monetizing Your Shorts Channel

Once you build a thriving channel with TubeBuddy and Opus Clip, multiple paths exist for monetizing your audience:

  • YouTube Partner Program ads
  • YouTube Channel Memberships
  • Selling merchandise
  • Promoting affiliate products
  • Crowdfunding through Patreon, etc.
  • Sponsored branded content

The loyal engaged following shorts build are highly lucrative for creators. TubeBuddy’s tools help maximize ad rates and other monetization streams.

Keys to YouTube Shorts Channel Success

With the TubeBuddy and Opus Clip toolkit, creators have all the resources needed for shorts mastery. But strategy remains vital.

Some core principles for shorts channel success include:

  • Finding a hot, high interest niche worth targeting long-term.
  • Understanding your niche audience psychologically – play to their emotions.
  • Crafting prompts that immediately convey a compelling premise.
  • Producing very tight, focused shorts under 30 seconds ideally.
  • Maintaining visual quality and aesthetic consistency.
  • Encouraging viewers to binge multiple shorts.
  • Promoting interaction through comments, duets, etc.

With the right niche, engaging content style, and promotion strategy, shorts channels can gain meaningful viewership fast.


Some frequently asked questions about building a shorts channel:

How quickly can shorts go viral?

Top shorts can gain millions of views in under a week. YouTube’s algorithm detects trending shorts fast. Consistently producing magnetic content is key.

What types of shorts do best?

Music, comedy, cute animals and kids rank among the most popular genres. But almost any niche can thrive with compelling style and promotion.

How often should shorts be published?

Ideally 3-5x per week at minimum for recurring engagement, though daily provides maximum momentum.

What’s the best shorts length?

15-25 seconds is the sweet spot. Under 15 seconds risks being too fleeting, while over 30 seconds loses grasp on viewer attention for shorts.

How much time does short production require?

Using templates and repurposing content can allow producing quality shorts in under 1 hour. High volumes take significant time investment though.

Can other video types do well on a shorts-focused channel?

It’s ideal to stick primarily to the short vertical format. But horizontal non-shorts can also succeed with a strong subscriber base.

How should channels brand and style their shorts?

Maintain creative consistency in areas like music choice, pacing, captions, end cards, visual effects, etc. This style becomes part of your unique brand.

The Future of Shorts

Shorts represent the cutting edge of social video. And the format will only grow as younger demographics shape future platforms.

Savvy creators can build an audience and define niches in the early Shorts gold rush. TubeBuddy and Opus Clip provide the tools to execute a winning channel strategy.

The opportunities for visual innovation and monetization are just getting started. Now is the time to start staking your claim with Shorts!