• how-to-make-a-dotted-line-in-illustrator

    How to Make a Dotted Line in Illustrator (2021 UPDATED)

    Dotted Lines Illustrator Tutorial So..how to make a dotted line in Illustrator, is it that hard? This tutorial will aim to give you the skills and the confidence to create both dotted AND dashed lines in Adobe Illustrator, something which admittedly confused me as a newbie learning the Adobe Suite. This skill has a surprising …

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  • how to embed images in illustrator

    How to Embed Images in Illustrator (2021 UPDATED)

    Embed Images in Adobe Illustrator Ok..How to embed images in Illustrator, seems simple right? Well even though this is an Illustrator Basics tutorial, this is something that alot of people get stuck with, and if you jump on the forums you’ll see many questions regarding this topic. That’s where I come in, Mr Eddy Creative, …

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  • how-to-change-canvas-size-in-illustrator

    How to Change Canvas Size in Illustrator | (UPDATED 2021)

    Changing Canvas Size in Illustrator: A Guide On the surface, this is an incredibly easy tutorial..but it’s always the simple things in Photoshop and Illustrator that are the most frustrating. Once again, similar to our previous article, people seem to have a lot of issues regarding how to change canvas size in illustrator. The biggest …

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  • how-to-curve-text-in-illustrator

    How to Curve Text in Illustrator (2021 UPDATED)

    Learn to Curve Text in Illustrator It’s one of those skills you just need to know when learning how to use Illustrator, how to curve text, along with how to create a triangle in illustrator, for example. Incredibly simple? perhaps, but in this tutorial we will show you 3 different ways that you can achieve …

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  • 32-Flat-Line-Valentine-Icons

    32 FREE Flat Line Valentine Icons

    32 Scaleable Valentines Icons! With Valentines fast approaching, we have collaborated with our friends over at Vandelay Design (check them out, they are fantastic!) to allow us to bring you this amazing set of Valentines Icons just in time for when every designer is getting their company’s Valentines graphics done! Ok sounds great, so what …

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  • 80 Geometric Shapes Vector Bundle

    80 Geometric Vector Shapes Bundle

    80 Geometric Vector Shapes Bundle Boy do we have a treat for you guys today! We have been working hard in the Digital Kitchen and have whipped up a fantastic new Vector Bundle. This amazing set consists of 4 separate sets of 20 Geometric Vector Shapes, made with a vintage twist, each shape has had …

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  • Retro Illustrator Styles

    4 FREE Retro Illustrator Text Effects

    FREE! Retro Illustrator Text Effects Its that time again, time for some freebies! This time we have a beauty for you, a set of 4 illustrator graphic styles that you can apply to your text in seconds to achieve a Retro Text Effect from within Illustrator. Save yourself time instead of creating these retro text …

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  • Free Retro Text Effects

    4 FREE Retro Adobe Illustrator Graphic Styles

    Yep! Free Retro Adobe Illustrator Graphic Styles Its that time of the year again, where people give and help out those less fortunate, and here at Layerform we have decided to be exactly the same, and give away 4 FREE Retro Adobe Illustrator Styles for our fans, which can be used to instantly create retro …

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