How to Make a Triangle in Illustrator

Learn to make a Triangle in Illustrator

Ok, so to the more advanced Illustrator user, this is a very simple tutorial. But we’re taking it back to basics today with another Illustrator Tutorial.

Today, we’re going to go through how to make a triangle in illustrator.

There are definitely a few ways you can achieve this, so we’ll offer up a few ways of doing this so the next time you’re Whitening Teeth in Illustrator, this is a piece of cake baby!

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#1 Polygon Tool

Now this couldn’t possibly be any simpler, but we’ll get right into it anyway. Simply start a new document by going to File > New then select the Polygon Tool in the Toolbar, by either left clicking and holding down, or right clicking on it. Most likely the default will be the Rectangle Tool.


From here, simply click on your canvas/artboard once and a dialog box will popup, change the default value to 3 sides then press ok.


Voila! You have a Triangle Baby!!


#2 Polygon Tool with Up/Down Arrows

Now the first technique is all good and well, but its not personally how I do it. What i typically do is the following:

Select the Polygon tool, but instead of clicking and letting go, hold your left mousebutton down, then press up/down arrow buttons on your keyboard, and what you will see the is the number of sides on your Polygon go up and down.

Magic Right?????

Now lets get started on our last technique….

#3 Polygon Tool + Delete Anchor Point

This is slightly different as we’ll be starting with a Rectangle/Square. What you want to do is Press M or select the Rectangle Tool from the Toolbar. From here draw yourself out a Rectangle.


Now go ahead and press the Minus key on your Keyboard () or go to the Pen Tool and Select the Delete Anchor Point Tool


Now simply go ahead and click on one of the corners to create a right angled triangle, if this is the sort of thing you want. If you are unsure of where you should have clicked, look at the image below:


Wrapping Up

Now you know how to make a triangle in illustrator, using 3 different techniques!

I know….I’m the best….no need to thank me, just go ahead and create your triangular designs!

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