Top 10 Best Script Fonts on Creativemarket

Simply the best Script Fonts Creativemarket has to offer!

There has been a surge recently in the amount of high quality script fonts being released over at Creativemarket, as well as other marketplaces and places such as MyFonts. Many hand letterer’s are beginning to produce some fantastic digital type available in multiple font families, weights and styles.

The question is, which one’s are worth downloading?

There are a lot of copied fonts out there with similar Glyph styles and so we are going to sum up this article into the top 10 (not necessarily 1 meaning the best, but rather top 10 collectively) fonts that we have seen on Creativemarket, and explain the highlights of each typeface

So lets begin!

1Heart & Soul by Nicky Laatz Purchase on Creativemarket

Nicky Laatz is by definition one of the most successful authors on Creativemarket, and she has earned this by crafting beautiful typefaces such as one of her latest pieces entitled “Heart and Soul”. This is a sublime script font that really screams quality from end to end.

So what do we love about it so much?

Our personal favourite is the Ampersand and the “r” glyph, which have been crafted to perfection, with a gorgeous handwritten feel.

Top 10 Script Fonts 1

2Manhattan Darling by Callie Hegstrom Purchase on Creativemarket

Manhattan Darling is a fantastic script font designed by artist Callie Hegstrom. It has a hand painted feel with thick glyphs that make it perfect for title pieces and hand lettered artwork, as she shows in her preview images its also great for textiles and print design. Nice work Callie!

Top 10 Script Fonts 2

Envato Elements Fonts

Envato Elements is a Premium Design Assets Subscription service, supplying thousands of Premium Fonts from Top Designers.

Envato Elements provide a significant array of different Fonts including Script Fonts, Handwritten, Sans Serif and Serif Fonts, Display Fonts and even SVG and Color Fonts. For these reasons alone, go ahead and check them out!



3Butterscotch by Nicky Laatz Purchase on Creativemarket

Well look what we have here, another entry by Nicky Laatz, is this any surprise? Well to be honest, no. Butterscotch is another fantastic script typeface from Nicky that is really quite clean cut in terms of the glyphs she has created. Its a thinner, more elegant script and really lends itself to subtle typography pieces and hand lettering artwork.

The only downside? Well that its not free of course! 😀 But would we want it to be? Hell no. It’s a fantastic Script Font and It really wouldn’t be a Top 10 list without this beauty!

Top 10 Script Fonts 3

4Verryberry by Elena (Mycreativeland) Purchase on Creativemarket

Veryberry is a font on Creativemarket that has really always been popular since it was released. The Glyphs are so smooth It really is a beauty to use. It has some fantastic stylistic alternates and discretionary ligatures, making this a truly complete script font, and well deserving of being in this top list.

Top 10 Script Fonts 4

5Octavia by AF Studio Purchase on Creativemarket

Octavia is a great script font developed by the team at AF Studio. It embellishes all the characteristics of a solid script typeface, artistic ascenders and descenders. However, the main thing we noticed with this font was what we call the “flow”, It just flows perfectly from letter to letter, there are hardly any faults you can pick with this type face, and as such, It is the reason why It is in our list of Top 10 Script fonts!

Top 10 Script Fonts 5

6Steady by artimasa Purchase on Creativemarket

Steady is probably the “cleanest”, most perfectly crafted script font in this list. When i say perfect, I mean almost mathematically perfect. The glyphs just flow perfectly from pixel to pixel with clean lines. This font would be fantastic to use in Branding or Identity work, and scales perfectly in terms of readability, fantastic work guys!

Top 10 Script Fonts 6

7Wanderlust by Cultivated Mind Purchase on Creativemarket

Wanderlust by Cultivated Mind has earned a spot in this top 10 list due to the fact Its a phenomenal hand painted script font. The shape and form of this script are perfect for organic & vintage lettering projects and print work.

Top 10 Script Fonts 7

8Pretty Script by Decade Type Foundry Purchase on Creativemarket

Pretty Script by Decade Type Foundry is well, Pretty. (Yeah, I do have a way with words I’ll admit). It’s not particularly “thick” or “thin”, but weighted just right for usage in a variety of different artistic mediums, whether Its a hand lettered type piece or just digital artwork and illustration.

Top 10 Script Fonts 8

9Nabila by Artimasa Purchase on Creativemarket

Making another appearance is the type designer Artimasa, who has produced another clean, well contrasted script font in the form of “Nabila”. This, along with “Steady” mentioned above would be fantastic script fonts to use in Game Design or App Design, you could easily imagine this fonts in an Angry Birds style app or something similar. I’m putting this in this top 10 fonts list to show something different than all the hand lettered / hand painted fonts out there currently.

Top 10 Script Fonts 9

10Smoothy by Vintage Design Co Purchase on Creativemarket

Smoothy is a fantastic cursive script font (that also comes packaged with Smoothy Sans I believe) that is different to the ones above, but still equally as elegant, with smooth glyph formations that just connect perfectly. It deserves a place in this list for sure 🙂

Top 10 Script Fonts 10

That’s a wrap folks!

I hope you enjoyed this list, there really have been some great designers on Creativemarket recently pumping out fantastic script fonts, and this article has only outlined 10 of them, a small fish in a large pond of amazing fonts over on that marketplace, so go ahead and check out some more! 🙂

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