Best Christmas Gifts for Designers

Christmas is fast approaching, and designers can be a funny bunch of people to buy gifts for, so the aim of this article is simply to provide a few ideas for the best Christmas gifts to get designers and people in the creative industry, from desk toys to big boys toys, gadgets and even stationary, this is a fairly comprehensive list to use for all your Christmassy Designer goodies!

Update January 2014

Christmas has come and gone, but these amazing items can still be used as great gifts for designer buddies! Whether you’re a professional photographer, graphic designer or illustrator, they will still make a great birthday gift, or simply just a present for someone in the office who has been sick recently or perhaps you have a reason to celebrate. Please feel free to browse through the items below and I’m sure you can still find something worth purchasing in this brand new year. We truely believe these are the best christmas gifts for designers.

Apple Macbook Pro (15″) (Purchase Here)

Walk in to Starbucks on an average day and you’ll no doubt find a hoarde of writers, designers and businessmen working on their Macbooks, with the shiny apple logo glinting all over the shop! They are the best resource a designer will ever have, powerful, slim, sexy looking, generally free of viruses, easy to install software and work with Photoshop etc, the list is endless! Every designer should have, or at least at somepoint in their career work on a Macbook, so why not get one for Christmas eh?

Apple Macbook Pro

Camera Lens Mug (Purchase Here)

The camera lens mug is a perfect gift for your photographer friends! It comes in either Black (Nikon) or white (Canon) and has a screw lid so that you dont spill your tea!

Camera Lens Mug

USB Flash Drive Heroes (Purchase Here)

USB’s are becoming popular due to many cool designs launched recently, includin a range from Marvel’s Avengers and now these sneaky ninjas. The USB Flash Drive Heroes come in 8gb capacities and are a great stocking filler!

USB Flash Drive Heroes

Star Theatre Planetarium (Purchase Here)

This is a great gadget for a hardworking designer, after a hard days work looking at a computer screen, you can put this on in a dark room and stargaze with a glass of wine as you drift off to sleep. Its making us chilled just looking at it!

Star Theatre Planetarium

Craft & Create Square Scrapbook (Purchase Here)

This is a useful gift for any designer out there, this uniquely designed mixed media scrapbook would be welcomed by any any creative person this Christmas as they open their presents on Christmas Day

Craft and Create Square Scrapbook

Tartan Satchel (Purchase Here)

The perfect gift for any designer this Christmas, ideal for carrying scrapbooks, diaries, stationary and even your Macbook / Laptop / Tablet.

Tartan Satchel

Bear Highlighters (Purchase Here)

These Highlighters were featured in “Stylist Magazine” and would make a great addition to any designers stationary arsenal. The only worry is that you will spend more time playing with them than actually using them for work!

Bear Highlighters

Remarkable Recycled Pencils (Purchase Here)

We had to include these at some point! Every good designer should start their project with pen to paper, whether its logo design or UI design. These pencils are 100% recylced and look pretty sexy at the same time, epic win!

Remarkable Recycled Pencils

Salami Notes (Purchase Here)

Every designer forgets things once in a while, and these sticky notes are a perfect (and fun) way to remind yourself of the days most important tasks.

Salami Notes

Iron Stark Print (Purchase Here)

Designed by Danny Haas, this is a must have for the walls of every designer office, conveying an interesting vectored portrait of Tony Stark and his alter ego Iron Man.

Iron Stark Print

Star Wars Life Sized Cut-Outs (Purchase Here)

These should be a must have for any big design studio with enough room in the office! They would inevitably become vandalized over time with Yoda sporting his new moustache or C3PO rocking those mutton chops! One of these would really make a fantastic gift for any designers out there, guaranteed!

Star Wars Life Size Cutouts

50 Shades of Grey Poster (Purchase Here)

This one is quite simply hilarious, but would be a nice feature in a design studio, its good to know the difference between #444444 and #999999!

50 shades of grey poster

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