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  • Glitter Text Tutorial

    How to Create a Gold Glitter Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

    Glitter Text Effect You Say? Lets Go! Hello all you sexy people! Today we are going to be learning how to create a Gold Glitter Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop. If you are thinking “amazing, but will it take me ages to complete?” then think again, this is a short tutorial that musters some incredible …

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  • double-exposure-effect-tutorial

    Learn to Create a Double Exposure Effect in Adobe Photoshop

    Double Exposure Goodness! Hello everybody and welcome to another tutorial by Today we will be creating the infamous “double exposure” effect, as seen recently on many popular album covers, vinyl sleeves and poster / flyer designs. Its a short tutorial and achievable even if you only have a small amount of Photoshop Knowledge. This …

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  • how to create your own Photoshop actions

    Learn how to create your own Photoshop actions with this infographic

    Want to save some extra time while editing your photos and projects in Photoshop? You should consider Photoshop actions. Photoshop actions are pre-recorded effects that you can create, download from other people, or buy on various sites across the web, like FilterGrade. You can then reuse these effects and play them on future photos or designs …

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  • Polygon Background Tutorial

    Polygon Background Effect Tutorial

    Geometric Shapes Everywhere! In today’s tutorial we are going to learn how to create what is known as a Polygon Background. This effect has become extremely popular recently, and geometric shapes are popping up all over the place! This tutorial will teach you my personal method on how to create a Polygon Background in Cinema …

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  • Make a Microphone in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

    Create a Microphone in Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

    In today’s tutorial we will be looking at how to create an illustration of a Microphone in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. This step by step tutorial will teach you how to create the image below in as few steps as possible, going over blending modes, shape layering and many advanced techniques that you will learn …

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  • Adobe Illustrator Ribbon Tutorial

    Create a Ribbon in Adobe Illustrator

    Tutorial Time Baby! In today’s tutorial we will go over how to illustrate a vector ribbon from scratch using Adobe Illustrator. Despite the simplicity of the final piece, we will cover advanced techniques using the pathfinder, how to manipulate the artboard in illustrator and also how to pick a complementary color palette. So without further …

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