• Free Business Card PSD Mockup

    FREE Business Card PSD Mockup

    Time for another Layerform Freebie Baby! Every once in a while, the team here at Layerform.com decides to be kind and give away some design goodies! This time it comes in the form of a FREE Business Card PSD Mockup. It forms one of 10 of our Premium Business Card Mockup Pack and is a …

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  • Ipad Photoshop Mockup

    10 Beautiful Ipad Mockups for Designers

    Premium Ipad Mockups by Layerform Its time for yet another product launch from Layerform.com. This time we have developed a set of 10 Ipad Mockups in Adobe Photoshop using the amazing Smart Objects functionality to allow you to simply drag and drop your design onto the smart object and see your work come to life …

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  • Illustrator Kei Meguro Interview

    Illustrator Kei Meguro speaks with Layerform

    1How did you get started with illustration? Drawing has been a passion since I can even remember- my parents always encouraged me to appreciate the arts so it came to me naturally. Doodling was the one of the things I knew I could never get sick of, it even got me through art school haha. …

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  • top-10-best-items-on-creativemarket2

    The Top 10 Best Items on Creativemarket (2021 UPDATED)

    Best Creativemarket Downloads Since it was launched all those years ago, Creativemarket.com has provided the design community with thousands of detailed & handcrafted design resources. At the time of writing this post they currently have over 4 Million Products in their Marketplace and over 30,000 Shops. The rise of Creativemarket and their new take on …

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  • Jonathan Ball Illustrator Interview

    Layerform speaks with Illustrator Jonathan Ball

    Its interview time baby! Layerform.com recently had chance to catch up with Welsh Illustrator Jonathan Ball about his style of work and motivation for what he does on a daily basis, aswell as any advice he can give to aspiring artists out there in the industry! 1How did you get started with illustration? I was …

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  • Sphere Backgrounds

    Freebie – 4 FREE Sphere Backgrounds

    Spherical 3D Freebies! Its time for yet another freebie from Layerform.com. This time we are giving away some high resolution 3D Backgrounds made with Cinema 4D. There are 4 images in total that have been rendered with global illumination and ambient occlusion settings to really give some detailed effects, aswell as the spheres themselves being …

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  • 118 Handcrafted Watercolor Brushes

    118 Watercolor Photoshop Brushes

    Premium Acrylic Photoshop Brushes for all! 🙂 Here at Layerform.com we are proud to present our latest Photoshop Brush pack, a premium set of 118 Watercolor Brushes that have been handcrafted from scratch with acrylic paint and a few traditional brushes. This set improves upon our previous release, named “51 Handcrafted Watercolor Brushes“. We have …

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  • 3D Earth and Hearts in Cinema 4D

    3D Hearts & Earth Renders in Cinema 4D

    Cinema 4D Goodies! Layerform.com has been busy creating some new products for our subscribers to check out, and here they are in all their glory. A set of 10 Detailed 3D Hearts and a set of 2 Detailed Earth Renders with all textures and bump maps included. The new 3D Modelling Category here on Layerform.com …

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  • Orlando Arocena Interview

    Orlando Arocena speaks with Layerform

    Layerform.com recently had chance to catch up with Orlando Arocena, a young Mexican-Cuban-American Artist who’s illustrations and digital artwork have taken Behance by Storm. So without further delay, lets get to know this talented artist a little bit more! On with the interview! 1How did you get started with illustration? Illustration has always attracted my …

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  • the-best-gifts-for-designers

    The Best Gifts for Graphic Designers (2021 UPDATED)

    Gift Ideas for Graphic Designers Designers can be a tricky bunch to get a present for, especially when a special occasion comes around and you feel that they might be expecting something from you. Photo frames, books, and chocolates are all obvious gifts that have become outdated. So how can you find a present that …

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