The Best Fonts that Look like Handwriting


Who doesnt love a handwriting Font?

If you’re a blogger, influencer, Youtuber, or airbrush artist or designer you might want to consider using a handwriting font on your website or social media channel; and there’s a good reason to do this!

These often hand-drawn fonts not only help to make your content more authentic but also have a cute laid-back style that helps to lighten the mood of your website/channel.

Many designers favour them because of their intricate stylistic features and beauty.

Whether it’s using them on logos, posters, or social media graphics, they help to breathe life into the designs in a unique and fun way.

However, numerous fonts that look like handwriting are freely available on the internet and choosing one for your site can be overwhelming.

Luckily, we’ve taken the liberty to review the best handwriting fonts you can find on the web to make you work a whole lot easier.

And Really Script Font


This cute font was created by Fontbundles and features big looping glyphs, perfect for headlines pieces and to add some flair to your client work.

In the download you will receive a full character set with foreign glyphs, punctuation / numbers.

Download Here

Jealous Script Font

Jealous Script Font is a distinctive font available on, offered by the Font Bundles Store. Released on 10th January ’18 and updated on 4th April ’22, this font is characterized by its handmade, handwritten style, reflecting modern calligraphy elements. It is a versatile script font, embodying a hand-lettered appeal, making it suitable for various applications where a touch of calligraphy or script is desired.

The font glyphs are meticulously crafted, ensuring a seamless and aesthetically pleasing visual experience. The font package includes OTF and TTF file types, allowing for easy installation and use across different software and platforms.

“Jealous Script” is a valuable addition for designers seeking a unique and elegant font style. It is especially recommended for projects that require a blend of contemporary and classic script elements, offering a balance between readability and artistic flair

Download Here

Buttermilk Handwritten Font

buttermilk script handwriting font

Buttermilk Font by GuritaType is available on, characterised by its smooth and elegant handwritten style. Released and updated on 4th January ’21, it features varied baselines, smooth lines, and stunning alternatives, adding a touch of character perfect for various designs.

The font is versatile and artistic, suitable for projects like apparel and invitations, reflecting luxury and beauty. It includes OTF and TTF file types, ligatures, stylistic alternates, and supports multilingual characters. It is accessible in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and even Microsoft Word.

“Buttermilk” is a lovely and girly script font that can elevate the aesthetic of creative ideas, making it a valuable asset for designers seeking elegance and uniqueness in typography

Download Here

Handwritten Font Bundle Collection

handwritten font bundle 2

This is a versatile handwritten font bundle by Letterflow Studio, encompassing a variety of styles including calligraphy, signature, brush lettering, and handwriting. It features hundreds of glyphs, featuring alternatives, ligatures, slashes, and offers international language support. It is PUA encoded, ensuring easy access to unique characters in software like Silhouette Studio and Cricut Design Space.

The bundle is compatible with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Microsoft Word, making it a versatile choice for various design needs. It’s perfect for creating greeting cards, branding materials, logos, posters, stickers, and more, offering a touch of elegance and creativity to every design project. The font files included are OTF, TTF, and WOFF, allowing for simple installations and wide accessibility.

Download Here

Farmhouse Lemonade Script Font

farmhouse lemonade font

Farmhouse Lemonade font, created by Sabrina Schleiger Design, is a charming and versatile handwritten font, ideal for Cricut and Silhouette crafters. Released on 29th January ’19 and updated on 7th February ’22, this font is characterised by its bouncy and smooth scripty-serif style, making it a delightful addition to various design projects.

It is meticulously crafted to ensure optimal cutting with craft machines, reducing the amount of nodes in each glyph. The font is available in Open Type (.otf) and True Type (.ttf) formats. It is compatible with most programs and is particularly suitable for projects like apparel, business branding, website design, and various crafts

Download Here

Just Love Handwritten Script

“Just Love” is a premium handwritten script font offered by Supfonts on Released on 12th July ’16 and updated on 4th April ’22, this font is recognised by it’s elegant and fluid script style, complete with swashes, making it a versatile choice for various design projects.

Download Here

Nostalgia Script

nostalgia typeface

Dive into the romantic and delicate world of typography with the “Nostalgia Script” font! This font is a beautiful concoction of elegance and romantic flair, making it a go-to choice for projects that require a touch of love and nostalgia. It’s a timeless piece in your font collection (which at this point in the article is starting to become an addiction!)

Nostalgia Script is more than just letters and numbers; it’s about adding a soul to your design projects, be it wedding invitations, logos, or heartfelt messages. It’s a script that speaks volumes, telling tales of timeless romance and elegance.

Download Here

Holiday Signature Font

holiday signature font

The Holiday Signature Font is a handwritten script font by alphArt, brimming with a simple and classy style! This font is your ticket to elevating your creative projects, whether it be watermarking photography, designing signature logos, crafting business cards, or embellishing album covers. It’s here to add a touch of sophistication to your work!

Holiday is incredibly versatile, featuring uppercase and lowercase letters, alternative lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, ligatures, and multilingual support. The font is meticulously crafted, ensuring each glyph brings a unique flair to the table.

The alternative letters and ligatures available add an extra layer of customisation, allowing you to give a personal touch to your projects.

This font is not just about letters; it’s about making a statement. It’s about turning the ordinary into extraordinary and letting your creativity flow. It’s a celebration of elegance and class, ready to make your designs shine!

Download Here

Honey Butter Font

honey butter font

Introducing “Honey Butter,” a delightful font trio by lettersiro co, that brings a touch of sweetness to your designs! This versatile trio features a script font available in clean and rough textures, a clean and rough sans font, and a clean and rough serif font.

Honey Butter script is enriched with over 600 alternate characters, allowing for endless possibilities in your creations!

This font is not just about letters; it includes 260 vectors and 49 editable logos, enabling you to craft unique designs for your projects, be it logos, web headlines, invitations, or apparel. The multilingual support ensures your message spreads globally, reaching hearts in every corner of the world

Download Here

Hamilton – Elegant Signature

hamilton script font

The Hamilton Script Font is a font that epitomises elegance and sophistication in every stroke! This elegant signature font by lettersiro co is a versatile choice, perfect for creating watermarks on photography, designing business signatures, and adding a touch of class to various projects. Hamilton is not just a font; it’s a blend of modern and classy vibes that can elevate any design it graces.

Hamilton comes as an OTF file, featuring opulent swashes, alternates, and ligatures, allowing designers to craft unique and personalized creations. It also offers basic Latin multilingual support, ensuring its adaptability in different regions. The font’s glyphs are meticulously designed, reflecting a seamless balance between refinement and modernity.

Download Here

Amsterdam 8 Elegant Font

amsterdam font

Amsterdam is a collection of 8 elegant fonts by lettersiro co, each radiating a unique charm and sophistication! Amsterdam is not just a simple font; it’s a versatile ensemble offering alternate fonts and delightful ligatures, making it a treasure trove for design enthusiasts. The fonts are designed to be elegant, readable, stylish, and catchy, ensuring your projects always leave a lasting impression.

Whether you are crafting watermarks on photography, designing signature logos, creating quotes, or designing business cards and album covers, Amsterdam is your companion in making every design project a work of art.

Download Here

The Woodlands


This brush script typeface was created by Jeremy Vessey. It has a modern calligraphic appeal that will best be suited for wedding invitation cards, social media posts, headings, logos, and other like projects. This beautiful font will add a touch of elegance to your designs and make them stand out from the crowd.
Download Here


This is a loose typeface that was inspired by the creator’s own handwriting. It features consistent curves that help to bring out its human-like qualities as reflected in the characters. This font will be a great choice for any website looking to add a hint of personality. It is easily readable, even at smaller sizes. As an aside, if you’re looking to level up your skills, check out our resource on the best graphic design courses and classes on Udemy.
Download Here


Marrisa is a font that reminds us of enthusiastic handcrafted notes that we used to receive from relatives. It has swooping ascenders and unusually sized ligatures, showing us that imperfections are beautiful. It has a simple and relaxed vibe, as well as carefully curated flaws. Note that you have to be an Envato member to gain access to this font.
Download Here


There we have it! Our list of fonts that look like handwriting. Perfect to use on your next creative project!

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