• Designer Notebooks

    Creative Notebooks For Designers

    Creative Sketchbooks for Artsy-Folk! Layerform presents a collection of notebooks specifically for designers and creative people. If you have ever wished you could buy something more artistic for your sketches / note taking, then these are the creative pieces for you! Check out our list of creative notebooks for designers: They are all available for …

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  • Emma Grzonkowski Interview

    Emma Grzonkowski speaks with Layerform

    Layerform.com recently took the opportunity to interview up and coming British artist Emma Grzonkowski. 1) How did you first get into Art and at what point did you decide to make a career from it? I have always been ‘into’ art, creatvity is flowing through my veins and i have painted from the moment that …

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  • welcome-to-layerform

    Welcome To Layerform – Creative Content for Creative People!

    Welcome to the official launch of Layerform.com, a new design community based on providing the finest graphic design news, freebies, deals and interviews for the creatives amongst us! On a weekly basis we shall be providing Photoshop Tutorials, Illustrator Tutorials, topics on Art, Design, Ecommerce, Freelancing and much more including Interviews with some of the …

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