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40 Ways to Stay Creative – Infographic

40 Ways to Stay Creative

Where’s my creativity gone?

It happens to the best of designers, all is going well until you reach that plateau, or that mental block where you cease to produce any creativity and think all is lost. Sometimes all It takes is a simple bit of inspiration and motivation to bring back the innovative ideas you once had inside your head!

This is a guide for people who need a bit of inspiration. In the form of a tasty infographic, we have come up with 40 Ways to Stay Creative, so that if you are ever lacking in the creative department, you can always refer to this post or even purchase the poster (links are below and above the infographic on Etsy) in your studio or office so that you will never suffer from the dreaded creative block ever again.

40 Ways to Stay Creative

1. Create an inspiration Board
2. Get out more!
3. Sketch More
4. Experiment!
5. Socialize
6. Keep up with trends
7. Learn a new skill!
8. Read Books!
9. Use Sticky notes
10. Break your routine!
11. Be around creative people!
12. Spy on the competition
13. Visit Exhibitions
14. Collaborate with others
15. Travel!
16. Get a new hobby
17. Challenge yourself!
18. Make lists!.
19. Meditate
20. Get feedback from peers
21. Listen to music
22. Watch films
23. Take risks!
24. Write stuff down
25. Declutter your workspace
26. Love what you do
27. Finish projects!
28. Visit museums and galleries
29. Keep a dream diary
30. Have sex!
31. Take naps
32. Watch motivational speeches
33. Go to the theatre
34. Practice!
35. Eat different cuisine
36. Stop comparing yourself to others
37. Question things!
38. Turn off distractions
39. Let go of fear
40. Be curious

Without further delay, we present to you, 40 Ways to Stay Creative – An infographic by

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Purchase Poster on Etsy

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